Savor 100 years of Wrigley Field with new Questar DVD

With baseball spring training starting, nice weather on the way and the 100th anniversary of Wrigley Field coming up in May, Questar Entertainment’s new DVD, “Wrigley Field” 1914-2014,” a sports fans ultimate collectible about “baseball’s most beloved ballpark” is making a timely debut. 

The centennial date is April 23, and Wrigley Field will hold a fitting commemorative celebration at the park.  Around that time (yet to be determined) both WTTW and Comcast will air the doc, “either as an hour show or as three half-hour shows,” says Albert Nader, Questar’s founder and president.

“We are very proud to be releasing this title,” he adds. “I’m confident it be remembered as one of the great profiles of one of America’s all-time greatest ballparks.  It’s truly an historic portrait of the last of the ‘jewel box’ ballparks, and the only remaining ballpark with an ivy-covered wall.”

Questar produced the 90-minute doc from footage that had been shot by Media Process Group’s Bob Hercules and LA filmmaker John Scheinfeld for their earlier docs about baseball and ball parks.  Scheinfeld, incidentally, is the writer/director of the upcoming biopic about Elvis Presley.

About 13 minutes of historical footage came from “America’s Classic Ballparks.” Hercules recalls it was the first documentary he and his partners made shortly after starting MPG in 1988. “We thought about what we wanted to make for our first doc that wasn’t political or social and we felt that we couldn’t go wrong with ball parks.

“America’s Classic Ballparks” was financed out of the partners’  pockets, which was both a risk and a struggle, Hercules says, but ultimately it became a critical and financial success.

One of the highlights of MPG’s footage in the doc is young actor Jeff Daniels giving a warm-hearted tour of Wrigley Field.

Hercules also taped the opening narration with Pat Hughes, the Voice of the Chicago Cubs for the Questar DVD.

“Wrigley Field 1914-2014: Historic Moments” is packed with the greatest Wrigley moments, including music ad vocal by Paul McCartney, Babe Ruth’s “called shot” in the 1932 World Series, the curse of the Billy Goat and  the first night-game at Wrigley Field.

Ron Santo, Ernie Banks, Billy Williams, Ryne Sandberg and Billy Williams are among the great Cubs players who appear on-camera.

Special appearances by Chicago Cubs fans Dennis Franz, Joe Mantega, Gary Sinise and Bonnie Hunt are also included.

“Wrigley Field 1914-2014,” priced at $19.95 is available directly from Questar by calling 1-800-633-5633