Q Holmes’ Quriosity offers diversity directors

Quriosity’s rep Jennifer Lampkin and founder/EP Quadree “Q” Holmes

Qadree “Q” Holmes’ Quriosity, a minority owned, integrated production boutique, has partnered with Liquid 9 of Chicago and Kansas City to offer a wider array of services, including a cadre of diverse directors and full production services to expedite location shoots here for out-of-town companies.

The directors are African American, Ethiopian, Puerto Rican, Mexica, Filipino, Swedish and white Caucasian.  Quriosity is collectively representing the roster to service what Holmes sees as “the market shift to younger agency demographics, which young directors can  respond to with vibrant ideas that represent the current market.” (In fact, “Marketing to Millennials” will be addressed at a CAF luncheon, Oct. 22. See Events.)

“They have diverse backgrounds and are available to direct all genres of visual media — commercials, digital content, web spots, corporate,” Holmes says.

Six of the directors are from Chicago — Alex Kirsch, Chris Rejano, Don Zorbas, Eric Almond, Felix Pineiro and Herman Asph– and David Gil is based in LA.

Their credits span work for such leading advertisers as Toyota, Jimmy Johns, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Disney, Career Building, Sharpie and McDonald’s.

Quriosity’s production services side also help fill a need. Holmes, who was EP for Jeff Marpe’s Line 9 for several years, knows the ropes — crews, facilities, incentives, payroll, equipment rentals, hotels – to help facilitate shoots in the local landscape.

Holmes started Quriosity last November and moved into partner Liquid 9’s 3,000-sq. ft. West Loop space this summer.  Quriosity is also represented in Liquid 9’s home town of Kansas City and the two companies are represented nationally. 

The Quriosity team consists of national sales rep Jennifer Lumpkin; Curtis Schmidt, director of post, who had been with LA-based Crush and Red Car; Laura Edelman, post producer and Adora Wilson-Eye, production studio coordinator.