Nolen’s latest feature is “Four Seasons,” now in post

Four Seasons costars Christian Keys (left) and Robin Givens (right) with script supervisor Tiny Vaughn

PRODUCER/DIRECTOR CHRISTOPHER NOLEN of Nferno Productions is in postproduction on the romantic feature Four Seasons, about a 36-year-old man almost ready to settle down, who “decides to date a different woman each season, choosing one of them to marry within in a year.”

Robin Givens, Jazsmin Lewis, Keith Robinson, and Christian Keyes star.  Nolen wrote the script with regular collaborator Mark Harris of 1555 Filmworks and Melina Nolen.  Producers were N.D. Brown, Alan Farris and Nolen.  DP was Joe “Jody” Williams; editor Crosby Tatum and lst AD, Vincent Shade.

Nolen’s previous feature The Good Life, produced by Harris, played the ReelWorld Film Festival in Toronto and the Pan African Film Festival in Los Angeles and came out in wide DVD release in July. 

Tangi Miller, Richard Gallion, Maya Gilbert, and Christian Keyes star.  It’s about “friendships, relationships and the perfect married couple,” Nolen says.  “But perfect becomes redefined when lies and secrets begin to reveal themselves. It’s not what it seems from the outside looking in.”

SATURDAY’S GLOBAL MIXX FORUM WAS CANCELLED suddenly late Friday night, “due to unforeseen and unavoidable circumstances,” according to the message sent by host   Lawrence Lee Wallace of Deep Studios Productions.  The Forum would have been an afternoon of film and music business panels and short films at Ice Lawndale Theaters.

STEPHEN FOLKER, whose 2013 apocalyptic thriller To Survive is due for release later this year, is in production on the horror comedy Field Freak. Dave Juehring stars as a formerly best-selling novelist holed up in a cabin with his wife trying to write, until mysterious sounds in the night seem to spell danger.

TROY MILSTEAD of multimedia production company Psymbolic Media, a founder of the Chicago Motion Graphics Festival, is battling chronic pain syndrome and autoimmune response due to complications from a vasectomy.  A fundraising page to cover medical costs is up at GoFundMe.

JOE WIELOSINSKI is making his debut feature, Be Your Wo/Man.  He describes it as “a story about acceptance, hope, love, and tolerance between 20-somethings in Chicago.  It explores homosexuality, race, millennial pessimism and other social issues facing Generation Y.”  Michaela Lichvanova and Marla Seidell star.

WENDELL ETHERLY’S dramatic web series The Great Melting Pot, exploring race relations is in production.  It features Velma Austin, Jerod Haynes, Mildred Langford, and Suzy Brack

ACTOR JOSHUA BRINKMAN makes his screen debut as the lead in Cecilia Bravo-Mittmann’s debut feature, the coming of age drama Goodbye Guns, which shot in Harvard, IL in July.  Also featured are Leah Uteg, Donna Steele, and Bob Hungerford.

AUGUST 16 is the submission deadline for the Elgin Short Film Festival, running Sept. 21 at Hemmens Cultural Center.

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