Music Box of Horrors fest to spook fans for 26 hours

Thriller/horror movie fans, the Music Box Theatre has got a Halloween treat for you!  Its 9th annual Box of Horrors Marathon starts at noon Oct. 19, with 15 high-quality horror films and countless vintage trailers that will run for a full 26 hours.

On the program are new restoration of “Maniac Cop 2,” with director William Lustig (“Maniac,” “Vigilante”) in person. Also in person: David Schmoeller (“Puppetmaster”) presenting his personal print of “Crawlspace,” with Klaus Kinski as a murderous landlord.

Schmoeller will present his short documentary, “Please Kill Me, Mr. Kinski,” about “Crawlspace’s fraught production, and the plot, hatched by one of Schmoeller’s producers, to kill Klaus Kinski for the insurance money.

On the film print front, the Box of Horrors curators have found five they are especially thrilled to present.  One is a rare, early cut of the 35mm print “C.H.U.D.”  Then, there’s the print of “Terrorism,” that’s never been run through a projector.

Also, recent restoration of Andrej Zulawski’s “Possession,” a 25th anniversary celebration of Chicago-shot “Child’s Play” and archival prints of “The Black Room” and
“Twitch of the death nerve.”

And if that weren’t enough, The Wolfman will host horror film trivia and a VHS presentation of Dokken’s “Dream Warriors” music video, with special guest Freddy Krueger.

The Box of Horrors opens at noon Oct. 10, 2 p.m., the 20th.

Tickets, $35 in advance, $40 day of.

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