‘Miss Information’ provides misinformation

(Pictured: Ashton Swinford)

The new web series Miss Information created by Ashton Swinford and directed by Nick Moore, launches weeks before the presidential election as it seeks to entertain and educate viewers on the bias, fake news, and bots that litter social media.

The 5-episode web series is hosted by Miss Information, a former beauty pageant queen attempting to cling to relevancy in a post-pandemic world. She is joined by Reginald Wilkins (Whitman Johnson), a golden retriever in human form, who serves as her reporter in the field. Guest appearances are also frequent, ranging from the notorious Q of QAnon to extraterrestrial hand puppets.

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“I came up with this idea while working at the Onion as a way to teach media literacy,” says creator Ashton Swinford. “The topic was introduced to me by Alicia Haywood, Executive Producer of the ​A.V. Club Hosted By John Teti, ​who created the media literacy education non-profit iSpeak Media.

As the topic of Media Literacy became more and more relevant with the upcoming election and increase in misinformation and disinformation campaigns, I knew I had to produce it.

It is too easy these days to have your opinions swayed by untrustworthy news articles and bots.”Over the course of its five episodes, the webseries tackles a range of issues surrounding misinformation,from a basic introduction to media literacy and how to identify fake news, to more detailed explanations of propaganda, political astroturf, firehosing, and more.

The project aligns with the Global Media and Information Literacy Week October 24-31st.

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