Mirza intros “Kam Kardashian” in comedy web series

Kim Kardashian has a lesbian sister. She lives in Chicago. She’s unemployed, and cut off from her family. Recently a sex tape has surfaced with her and OJ prosecutor and crime novelist Marcia Clark. But a group bent on gay and lesbian world domination has “taken care of” the five people who have seen it. And Kam has a decision to make.

That’s the set-up for the second season of Fawzia Mirza’s laugh out loud web series, simply titled “Kam Kardashian.” 

Mirza, who is currently in rehearsals for Goodman’s Latino Theatre Festival, says the idea started when she had to create a character for an audition and a friend suggested she should be a gay Kardashian.

“I liked doing the character so much I wanted to see what would happen if we did an episode,” says Mirza.

That turned into four episodes – each around two minutes – with friend and collaborator Ryan Logan, with whom Mirza had worked on the short film, “The Queen of My Dreams,” about Bollywood and drag identity. After holding a successful Kickstarter campaign, Logan and Mirza have shot nine, 5-7-minute “Kam Kardashian” episodes as part of season 2.

The weekly series premiered on a Monday on onemorelesbian.com, and was available on the “Kam Kardashian” youtube page two days later. There will be a new episode, released in the same fashion, every two weeks, with “mini episode” released on the Wednesday in between.

Mirza said the side material comes from an idea to send Kam to a speed dating event.

Though a scripted show, improv is part of the fun

Logan and Mirza are producing the series. Logan is directing, with Amanda Clifford as DP. Jayme Joyce is running the second camera – which was added in for season 2. James Thompson is doing sound; Deann Baker is the production coordinator, Gosia Gornak is doing make-up; and the production designer is Curtis Cassell.

Logan and Mirza do most of the writing, but the cast chips in with some fluid improvising, most notably between Mirza and Mary Hollis Inboden, who plays her best friend with perfect dead-pan delivery.

Season 2 also includes Joel Kim Booster as the “Asian intern” hired by the gay domination group to keep an eye on the two friends.

“We get to play with some gay themes, but also racial issues,” says Mirza.

Each episode will feature cameos by actors and comedians whom Mirza says she’s wanted to work with. The first episode of season 2, entitled “GLAWD,” features Beth Stelling as the agent in charge of GLAWD. Other episodes will feature Candy Lawrence and the Puterbaugh Sisterz.

In addition to the youtube page, fans can “keep up with Kam” on Facebook and on Twitter, @kardashiankam.

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