The Mill Chicago takes off with 12 staffers, lots of jobs

Jared Yeater heads The Mill’s Chicago office

WHEN THE MILL officially opened its Chicago branch Monday, March 4, executive producer Jared Yeater was very pleased in two regards.  The first, he had fulfilled his goal of staffing the Chicago branch with 12 staffers — The Mill employees who transferred from its London headquarters and branches in New York and Los Angeles.

Getting people to move to Chicago was the least of his problems, he said at the time. “They enthusiastically wanted to move here from Day One,” he’d said.

The Mill Chicago staff is currently comprised of head of 2D Randy McEntee, formerly with The Mill New York; Steve Beck, head of 3D, moving here from The Mill L.A.; producer Andrew Sommerville, from The Mill London.

From New York: Head of design Bowe King, Flame artists Melissa Graff and Dusty Diller, CGI artist Naw Minami and colorist Sal Malifitano.  CGI artist Adam Carroll joined from L.A.  Three more additions are on their way.

“They all love it here, snow notwithstanding,” says Yeater.    

The second, the staff has been deeply engaged in jobs flowing in from the start from Leo Burnett, DDB, Energy BBDO, Y&R, Havas, Ogilvy and mcgarrybowen, all of whom have been clients of The Mill’s other branches.

MEDICAL AD AGENCY ABELSON-TAYLOR has been going through some recent personnel changes.  The most surprising one, however, was the recent departure of Ed St. Peter, head of production, who had been with the agency for a decade.  

He had been the agency’s head of broadcast for five years and for the past two years he had the title of director of integrated production.  He had joined the agency as EP in 2003.

St. Peter’s duties, we hear, have been divided into two areas, with one of them going to Mitch Apley, assuming the position of director of broadcast production.  St. Peter had brought Apley into the agency in 2011 as manager of interactive production A/V, following Apley’s six year stint as EP at Resolution Digital Studios.

ENERGY BBDO FIRST CREATIVE SALON takes place Thursday, March 7 in its new offices, with guest artists Nick Butcher and Nadine Nakanishi of Sonnenzimer.   Nick is a musician and Nadine a typographer and together they make beautiful things. 

For their visit they will create an original print and its concept, production and economy will be the focus of their discussion.  Fifty salon attendees will receive a copy of the print.  At 225 N. Michigan, 6 p.m., 4-6 p.m.  Click here to RSVP.

CHICAGO/MIDWEST AICP is starting to gear up for hosting its annual national party, May 16, at the new Museum of Broadcasting Communications. Chicago is party host every three years, alternating with L.A. and New York chapters.

SAG AFTRA CONSERVATORY’S GUEST March 18 will be L.A.-based Erica Kelly, president of 15-year old

an online voiceover audition casting system and project management tool with more than 1,600 industry users.

Naked Voices owner/agent Debby Kozen and mcgarrybowen’s senior production business manager Kiki Powell are added special guests.  At the Kauffer Center, 1 E. Erie St., 6-8 p.m.

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