Media Process Group buys larger office/condo, moves in October

After 14 years renting a loft office in River West, Media Process Group will own its space when it moves into a loft condo at 1327 W. Washington Blvd. next October.

Bob Hercules and Keith Walker, partners in the 19-year old company, bought the condo together under a limited partnership.

“The office loft condo is perfect for us,” said Hercules of the 4,700-sq. ft. space that’s 1,000-sf. ft. larger than their present space at 770 N. Halsted. “I knew within a minute it was right for us. We were lucky to find this space; there are hardly any office condos left in Chicago.”

The expanded space allows the addition of a fourth edit suite, a client office and state-of-the-art wiring for such functions as file transfers.

Hercules said they had been looking for a building to buy without success for the past five years. What they saw was either of poor quality, didn’t fit their needs or wasn’t priced right.

MPG is one of those consistently busy production companies apart from working on its own documentaries. “One reason we’re so busy is due to our broadcast shooting because there are so many shows out there,” Hercules said.

MGP was hired to shoot all remote segments, locally and throughout the country, for the “Walgreen’s Health Corner” series. Last summer Rocket Pictures hired them to shoot 30 days with two cameras on “Surprise by Design,” a 13-episode home makeover show.

In addition to producer Hercules and DP Walker, MPG has five on staff: production manager Lisa Wolff; DP Aaron Britton; sound engineer Allen Chow; graphics artist Paul Garcia and office manager Liz Hum.

Phone number is 312/850-1300.