continues with “Dojo Kid,” edited by Radar’s Greg Somerlot for Leo Burnett’s fourth spot in the series.

Believe Media of L.A. filmed New York’s Mighty Kid Adjenai Worrell as she goes to karate practice, jogs and meditates along the Hudson River, taking a different approach from the previous Mighty Kids in their sport environments.

“While the treatment and direction for this project were very tight, there were no storyboards or script to speak of,” said Somerlot. “The agency allowed me to experiment and play more than usual because of the format of the spot. Since we didn’t really follow a narrative, the options for editing were wide open.”

For Burnett, CDs were John Hansa and Tony Katalinic, producer, Bridget McHugh. Vogel Villar-Rios directed for Believe Media. Radar’s postproducer was Graham Gangi.