Lisa Masseur brings her EP skills to One at Optimus

Lisa Masseur, One at Optimus EP

NEW EXECUTIVE PRODUCER at One at Optimus is veteran producer Lisa Masseur, who officially joined the production company a few weeks ago after being a permalance producer there since last January.  She replaces Kipp Christensen who returned to freelancing and reports to director of production Craig Leffel.

Masseur began freelancing as a producer last July after a seven year stint as EP/managing director at Radar Studios, where she oversaw all production and post, as well as sales and marketing efforts.

“I love it here, it’s a great team,” she says of her new company and colleagues.  Leffel, delighted with having Masseur on board, says, “There is an incredible strength and positivity in joining forces together. I can’t wait to kick this up another notch.”

Some of the projects she’s worked on at One at Optimus include shoot for USBank/Olson agency and Ford/JWT Atlanta, both with director Michael Chaves; Payless/MarcUSA and Long John Silver/Creative Alliance, both with directors Mark & Amanda and a shoot with Blackhawks players for BMO Harris Bank/Y&R, director Chad Einbinder.

Masseur’s earlier career includes three years as producer at now-defunct Bob Ebel Productions, which had specialized in commercials with children, and working as production manager/coordinator on many features and TV shows. 

BAM STUDIOS hired Jessica Fike for the new position of producer, moving over from six years as a ticket manager at the Goodman Theatre.  A native of Lancaster, Penn., Fike spent a few years working in L.A. at L.A. Studios, a recording facility that BAM owner Brian Reed says is “the L.A. version of what we do.”  She reports to executive producer Lisa Woods.

BAM Studios is where “Chicago Fire” and now “Chicago PD” does their ADR where so many Chicago actors on HBO’s series “Veer” also record their ADR.

FEATURE/TV SHOW START DATES UPDATES. Just so you know, according to Rich Moskal of the Chicago Film Office, the Wachowskis’ massive “Jupiter Ascending” starts filming July 10 in mostly downtown locations, bringing with them stars Channing Tatum, Mila Kunis, Sean Bean and Eddie Redmayne.

Paramount’s “Transformers 4” robots return to Chicago Aug. 11 and will also shoot mainly downtown until Sept. 20, with Mark Wahlberg, Stanley Tucci and Kelsey Grammer among many others.  It will be coming here from Michigan.

The six Chicago-set TV shows from pilots will start shooting in July or in the early fall, Moskal adds. 

Looking ahead, there’s a possibility that George Tillman, Jr. and Bob Teitel’s State Street Pictures of L.A. (“Barber Shop,” “Roll Bounce”) will shoot an untitled feature here, now in preproduction, about a failed songwriter who returns Chicago to lead a group of risk kids in their annual talent show. 

On the commercial side: Bicoastal Crossroads Films shoots a Ford commercial here for the next four days and a German production company is in the city for a BMW spot this weekend. Then the week of June 9, Epoch Films will be shooting here for Campbell’s Soup.

OSCAR WINNER GWYNETH PALTROW will receive the prestigious Renaissance Award from the Gene Siskel Film Center of School of the Art Institute Saturday, June 15 at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel.  Highlighting the fund-raiser for the Film Center will be a conversation between Paltrow and Amanda de Cadenet, creator and host of Lifetime’s “The Conversation,” a noted photographer and a close friend of the actress.  

SAIC president Dr. Walter E. Massey will present the award to Paltrow.

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