Lawyer Linda Mensch coproduces Loukas’ indie drama

Allie Loukas as Kathryn in her feature

SHOOTING IS UNDERWAY on first-time filmmaker/actress Allie Loukas’ low-budget feature, Like Father, Like Daughter, filming which shot in Lake Forest and Waukegan and moves to Chicago locations through May 27.

Written and directed by Loukas, the story is about a chance encounter that brings young North Shore woman Kathryn (Loukas) into the life of the Chicago father (Christopher M. Walsh) she has never met. Also starring Kim DeJesus, Angela Beckefeld and Darren Marlar.

Patrick Meade Jones is shooting on the RED MX; sound by    Reuben Rosario. Entertainment attorney Linda Mensch is coproducer with Loukas, Gloria Loukas and Jones. 

Music specialist Mensch is also producing a documentary on the life Ella Jenkins, who dedicated her life to bringing music into the lives of young children. Jenkins was honored for her endeavors with a lifetime Grammy achievement award and her 40 albums of music are in the Smithsonian Museum in Washington, D.C. 

THE PARAMOUNT, a documentary by Canadian producer/director Greg Hemmings of Hemmings House, about how community efforts saved a classic movie theatre in Canada from demolition, will debut Friday, May 17 at the Charlie Chaplin Auditorium at St. Augustine College/Essanay Centers for Early Film and Cultural Performance.

At 1333-1345 W. Argyle, 8 p.m.; free will donation with all proceeds going to Chicago heritage preservation projects.

MARK HARRIS of 1555 Filmworks secured a distribution deal with BET founder Robert Johnson’s RLJ Entertainment and Image Entertainment for the new romantic comedy Black Coffee, No Sugar, No Cream. It’s about an attorney who falls in love with the man she hires to paint her office, shooting this month.

AN INDIEGOGO CAMPAIGN is underway to raise $65,000 by June 11 to fund producer/director David Mrazek’s documentary, From Billions to None:The Passenger Pigeon’s Flight to Extinction.  The doc marks the centennial of the extinction of the long-distance flyer, probably the most abundant species in the world at one time. 

THE FEATURE PRECIOUS METTLE is being made by Naperville-based Our Path Productions from a script by Edmond and Glessna Coisson and Leonard Brink. Adapted from Edmond’s short film 72 Hours, it’s about a Vietnam veteran and retiring police commander trying to get his long-lost daughter off heroin.

THE HORROR FILM Bachelors Grove, produced by Ricardo Islas of Alpha Studios, is being shot at the legendarily haunted Bachelors Grove Cemetery near Midlothian.  The film is about “a series of bizarre murders terrorizing the peaceful community of Bachelors Grove—friendly citizens suddenly turning against their own families.” 

Suzy Brack is casting.  Bob Ellis is executive producer.

JULIAN GRANT signed with local Revision Entertainment for North American distribution of his thriller F*ckload Of Scotch Tape.

THE 1940s-SET NOIR, Johnny, is being directed by Billy Surges of Surging Films.   Writer-producer-director Surges plays a hit man under investigation for the murder of the mayor’s wife.  In an unusual combination, Surges is credited as both star and DP.  Jon Kinnas of Atmosphere Casting is executive producer. 

TODD LOOBY of Obrigado Productions won Best Director at the Victoria, Texas Independent Film Festival for Be Good, his feature starring Amy Siemetz (Upstream Color, Sun Don’t Shine) as a new mother returning to work while her filmmaker husband (Thomas Madden) stays home with the baby.

PRODUCTION STARTED on Second City Crime, a drama pilot about “the trials and tribulations of a Chicago area private investigator and his associates as they try and operate within the law while cracking their case and bringing criminals to justice.”  Aslan Aslani-Far is casting.

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