Jerry Rig ‘a new paradigm’ in content production

Tris3ct and Jerry Rig are a few floors apart

Little Jerry Rig has grown up. What started as a marketing agency’s in-house convenience –a producer/director and freelance editor as staff — has emerged as the husky new guy in town, sleeves rolled up ready to work.

Tris3ct division, Jerry Rig, is a large, well-staffed and equipped hybrid production/finishing facility located a couple of floors below the agency, in a West Loop building.

Its production services are targeted to small-to-medium size Midwest agencies that are also welcome to bring Trise3ct’s creativity into the mix.

And that, say Tris3ct’s CCO Chris Cancilla and EP/director of content Tyler Jay, is what makes Jerry Rig a new paradigm.  By departing from traditional models and meeting ever-changing client needs and budgets, it is, as its rebranding proclaims, “Production Reframed.”

Chris Cancilla, Tris3ct’s CCO“This is a hybrid model in context of where the business is heading, which is intermixing talent and services to create content that can accommodate all media at affordable cost,” says Cancilla, a former SVP/GCD at Y&R and Arc Worldwide, the latter presided over by Richard Thomas, before he founded Tris3ct.

Their mission is to give clients a nimble, high-quality, different kind of non-traditional production services, adds Jay.   “They can bring us their own scripts and storyboards to produce, or we can tap into Tris3ct talent for creative input.”

Large facility has staff of eight

Jerry Rig has a permanent staff of eight operating in an 8,500-sq. ft. facility.  There are four Final Cut Pro and Premiere editing suites; a 1,500 sq. ft. stage with two Red cameras; green screen capabilities; a green room; sound mixing and sound design capabilities; an “alcove” area for producers; two conference rooms; a lounge area with a ping pong table and a kitchen.

Tyler Jay, Jerry Rig’s EP/director“We look at a job and determine and how to maintain high quality work, with the money available for it.  That’s the sweet spot where clients’ needs are, when they don’t have endless amounts of money to spend,” says Jay.

Recent projects were web-based videos for Critical Mass client Nissan NV vans; broadcast and web content for HY Connect’s Indiana University Healthcare and three projects for Steel series, a high-performance gaming gear company.

“Our services are available to all, and costs are competitive,” Jay emphasizes.

Jay joined Tris3ct in 2010 from Dictionary Films.  While he has held EP and broadcast producer roles at Draftfcb and Leo Burnett, Jay is probably best known for producing beauty films for Chicago 2016’s pitch to the Olympics Committee. 

Jerry Rig got its start when Jay was contacted by non-agency clients who wanted to hire him to independently produce their commercials.  Cancilla gave him a thumbs-up and before long, Jay had a sizeable following that gave Jerry Rig its big push.  Studio build-out was completed in September.  

Staff consists of Jay, EP/director; Jennifer Passaniti, senior producer; Jake Thomas, editor/3D VFX lead; Tanner Wickware, assistant editor/VFX artist; Paul Kreuter, editor/motion graphics artist/finisher; Bryan Haney, post supervisor/sound engineer; Kelley Beaman, director of business affairs.