Hint experiential teams with Cutters in New York

Claudia Chagui, Hint New York’s creative/business director

Designer Claudia Chagui moved to New York from Chicago on Jan. 2 and barely had time to hang up her clothes before stepping into her new role as creative director and business lead for Hint, an experiential design firm. 

Hint (formerly T2) is CEO Teri Rogers’ Kansas city-based company that opened in Chicago two years ago.  Most recently it began a collaboration with Cutters Studios and, as of Jan. 2, is sharing space and resources with Cutters in its trendy new SoHo offices Hint’s decision to expand to New York triggered a rebranding of Rogers’ 23-year old T2 Studios, with 33 employees producing broadcast, digital content and experience. 

She remains headquartered in Hint’s 16,000-sq. ft. offices in the Crossroads Art District in downtown Kansas City, but will be moving between the Chicago and New York offices.     

“Hint’s experiential brand is something that provides additional appeal to our New York studio offerings. With this collaboration we see a rising tide that lifts all boats,” says Tim McGuire, Cutters president/CEO, whose Manhattan office launched in late October.

New York staff growth a priority

Chagui’s mission is to grow the Manhattan staff, starting with the immediate hiring of an executive producer and a line producer.  Hint creative director Garrett Fuselier just joined Chagui from Kansas City. 

Hint CEO Teri RogersNext week, Rogers and strategic director Chris Accardo will join Chagui in New York to interview candidates.  “The resumes we have received represent great talent,” Chagui says.

Their new staff should be in place well before March 6, when Cutters and Hint will host a joint launch party for 500 plus guests in their new offices.

Hint continues its commitment to Chicago by maintaining sales and producing staff at Cutters. Chagui will commute regularly between New York and Chicago.

A “really real” streaming website

Illustrating the innovative thinking that defines Hint, they recently launched a “really real” website that blurs the lines between physical reality and digital by live streaming video mixed with digital overlays

Positioned on the edge of Hint’s Kansas City building against a skyline view of downtown, the site consists of five 7-ft. tall metal structures, each weighing 150 pounds, with weather-protected cameras for live streaming video.  Each “page” is illuminated for night viewing.

Hint’s successes in experiential — or what Rogers calls “new forms of storytelling with technology” — began five years ago and has since garnered national attention for clients including Sprint, Crayola, H&R Block, Puma, Kauffmann Center for the Performing Arts, Nelson Atkins Museum. 

Hint recently produced an interactive installation for a private Leo Burnett event in their offices.

Hint’s Midwest rep is Jennifer Giles of Scout/Creative Reps.