Havas/Sonixphere animated spot one of 3 spotlighted

Reynolds’ animated Parchment Pepper

Havas Worldwide’s holiday spot for Reynolds Parchment Paper features a Sonixphere live orchestra and original score dramatizing the heroic stunts of “Pepper,” an animated parchment-constructed Spiderwoman, who acts quickly to avert a burned and broken cookie catastrophe. 

When she sees a cookie tray going into the oven without (horrors!) a baking sheet between the dough and the tray, she surmounts kitchen hazards to insert that important piece of parchment.

“The Havas creative team wanted action hero music because Pepper is saving the next batch of cookies from sticking and breaking,” says Sonixphere CEO/CD and Greg Allan. “Our score adds a sonic sense of urgency and drama to the story.”

“Pepper Parchment” showcases an orchestral score, composed and conducted by Sonixphere. Carefully plotted cues heighten the action, while real strings and horns add a layer of warmth and reality to the stop-motion story.

Allan and agency producer Michael Gabriele maintain that whenever possible, live original music is the way to attain maximum sonic branding.

“Music that is composed, customized and unique to your product adds value to your brand,” Allan says. “Sweetening that with live players is icing on the cake.”

DDB TEAMED WITH FILMWORKERS CLUB to produce two spots to promote the Field Museum’s current exhibit marking the 120th anniversary of the 1983 Columbian Exposition, featuring artifacts from the famous world’s fair. 

A view of the fairgrounds from the Ferris wheelTagged with “The wonders of the 1983 World’s Fair,” one spot features the introduction of engineer George Ferris’ great wheel, with a young man looking down at the fairgrounds.

The second “wonder” is electricity: a woman gazes at a mammoth dynamo as an electrical arc causes her hair to stand on end. 

Filmworkers Rob Churchill was the VFX director and Lisa Long the EP. DDB CDs were Karin Rose, Mary Beth Adduci, Nathan Monteith, Warren Frost, and Cori Donohoe; Jenny Hoffman, produced.

THE COLONIE’S KEITH KRISTINAT edited “The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds” a new game for Nintendo 3Ds, conceived by Leo Burnett and produced by The Mill.

“Legend of You” highlights the game’s immersive quality as a young man mimics the appearance and experiences of its main character, “Link.”

A young man enters a torch-lit dungeon hallway where he must survive deadly obstacles — a disappearing floor and flaming arrows — to reach his goal of securing the Master Sword.

As Link would, the boy uses his powers to transform into a hieroglyph and merge into the stone walls. He makes his way to a garden where he grasps his prize. The live action segues to an animated game footage sequence.

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