Fast-moving Cutters names EP Craig Duncan a partner

Craig Duncan, Cutters’ newest partner

Cutters’ executive producer Craig Duncan’s organizational and client relations skills and efforts in putting the post/production house on the expansion fast track over the past three years have earned him a partnership in Chicago’s biggest post/production company.

Duncan has been instrumental in Cutters having opened new editorial and production offices in Detroit, with an editorial staff of six and Tokyo, with two editors, and working on adding a New York branch to the mix.

He also was involved in expanding personnel and sales of production division Dictionary Films – with which he is working closely to push into new markets, Picnic Interactive and new design company, Flavor.

In the realm of client relations, he says, “I’m about to hit 15 agencies, with our new rep, Megan Kirkpatrick, to introduce the new and exciting designers in our new Flavor division and the work they do.”

“Craig is very good at organizing and maintaining the consistency of our message among all of our expanding divisions,” says Cutters CEO Tim McGuire.

“He holds regular meetings with all the offices, including Tokyo and has been instrumental in the success of our offices working seamlessly together.”

An expert in all phases of post and post house management, Duncan had run Detroit-based Griot and Postique post houses for a dozen years before moving to Chicago in 2009 as general manager of now-defunct Red Car Chicago.  He started his career in 1994 with Disney and Buena Vista Television in LA.

He is a Michigan native and graduate of Western Michigan University.

Founded by McGuire as an editorial boutique in 1980, Cutters has nine long term partners, starting with editor Chris Claeys in 1984; manager, Another Country/sound designer John Binder; chief financial officer Phil Barton; director of postproduction Cindy Duffy and editors Kathryn Hempel, Grant Gustafson,  Steve Stein and Matt Walsh.

“This company has been so welcoming of me since day one,” says Duncan.  “I feel fortunate in working with Tim, a true visionary, and all the others.  The culture they’ve created is extraordinary. There really is nothing else like it in this industry.  I know it sounds like a cliché, but it’s true: I can’t wait get to work every day with these amazing people.”

Duncan’s wife is actress Kimberly Van Biesboruck and their daughter, Isobel, is a high school student.  They live in Oak Park.