Experts, demos at May 25 HD show

The HD Roadshow rolls into Chicago May 25 with the whole nine yards of high definition as it stands today, presented by television experts Michael Silbergleid of Miami and Mark Pescatore of New York, and local guest, HD guru Tom Fletcher. JVC and Videography magazine are the main sponsors.

The meat of the program is the business of HD, said Silbergleid, an engineer and editor of several digital TV journals. He and co-presenter Pescatore will cover such subjects as FCC mandates and what Congress wants, HD advances, cost of ownership, applications, return on investment of standard systems, editing, display, production, editing and distribution and Q&A.

The second half will be devoted to affordable HD production and hands-on demonstrations with the latest in JVC equipment, Cineform and Adobe Premiere editing systems.

The HD show got its legs by reaching out to government audiences at a Washington, D. C. trade show. Subsequent seminars were held in New York, Los Angeles, Miami and Dallas.

Cost is $99 for the day, including lunch. It’ll be held at the Best Western Hotel, 162 E. Ohio. Register online via ad (see upper right), or