Emile Hirsch to play John Belushi in Conrad’s biopic


Emile Hirsch to play John Belushi

Chicago-based screenwriter Steve Conrad’s biopic of comedian John Belushi, who tragically died of a drug overdose at the Chateau Marmont in 1982, got the greenlight from Warner Bros. as an indie feature. Emile Hirsch will star as the Wheaton native.

The biopic reportedly takes place during the height of the comedian’s fame, his “Saturday Night Live” appearances and iconic roles in “Animal House” and “Blues Brothers” through is death at the age of 33.

Conrad (“The Pursuit of Happyness”) based the sript on the 2005 “oral history” book, “Belushi: A Biography,” by the comedian’s widow, Judy Belushi Pisano and Tanner Colby.

“The Blues Brothers:” Dan Ackyrod and John BelushiThe production entity is Film 360. Conrad will direct, Belushi’s friend and fellow “SNL” actor and “Blues Brothers” co-star Dan Ackroyd is EP, Belushi’s widow, Judy Belushi Pasano, and Alexandra Milchan and Bonnie Timmerman of Emjag will produce.

Belushi got an early show business as a Second City player, and a regular performer on “Saturday Night Live.”  He made three movies, the best known are his iconic roles “Animal House” and “Blues Brothers.”

The currently untitled project will be filmed in New York in spring 2014.