DGA Midwest’s executive director Dan Moore to retire

Dan Moore

AFTER 28 YEARS of heading the Directors Guild of America Midwest’s office, executive director Dan Moore will retire on April 30.  No replacement has been named as of yet.  Moore served approximately 450 members throughout Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky and Missouri.

“We appreciate Dan’s dedicated service and wish him all the best in his well-deserved retirement,” said Russ Hollander, Associate National Executive Director/Eastern Executive Director, and Moore’s supervisor:


“Dan not only solved problems on behalf of members and productions in Chicago and the surrounding region, but he’s been  an integral part of the Guild’s Commercial and Network Negotiations teams, helping to develop critically important contracts on behalf of all members working in those genres.


Moore also has served on the boards of the Illinois Production Alliance and the Independent Feature Project, which he helped revive from dormancy and was instrumental in the success of last October’s Film & Media Summit.


DGA Midwest has offices at 410 N. Michigan.  Deanne Bittner has been Moore’s assistant for the past 11 years. 


DGA’s national membership is estimated at 15,000.


THE SPINOFF of sci fi “Supernatural” – now titled “Supernatural Bloodlines,” about the monster Mafia-like families who run Chicago’s evil underworld — has been shooting scenes here for the pilot. Vancouver, however, is where the pilot is being filmed.

Loyola’s Lake Shore Campus was the location for some recent scenes and a crew will spend three days this week shooting city exteriors.  The “backdoor pilot” will air as a regular episode on “Supernatural’s” April 29 episode. 

If greenlighted, the series would starting filming its first season in July.  Hopefully the Chicago Mafia themed series will film in its hometown.

THE WACHOWSKIS WILL FILM their first TV series starting in June — a sci fi drama titled “Sense8” — for Netflix, starting nearly a year after the series as greenlighted.Twelve days will be shot in Chicago. 

The story focuses on eight people scattered around the world who are connected by a violent shared vision.  Each episode, will follow the separate stories of characters in the UK, Seoul, Mumbai, Nairobi, Berlin, Mexico City and San Francisco, as one tries to bring them together and another attempts to kill them.

CHOOSE CHICAGO tourism agecy will name a new ad agency by the end of April, to replace Downtown Partners and rebrand the city’s image to attract more visitors, particularly from overseas.

Finalists are Leo Burnett, FCB Chicago and a mid-sized agency not as well known nor as well endowed as the others: Magnani Continuum Marketing, is a privately-held, brand development agency, with offices at 200 W. Michigan.

NEW AICE EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR. As of June 1, Rachelle Madden of New York’s Poetica will succeed Burke Moody, who has held the post since 2006.  She will resign as co-president of AICE’s International Board, a position she and Cutters Craig Duncan were elected to last January.

Madden will also step down as managing director of Poetica, the effects and design arm of editorial jumP.

And FYI: AICE annual Awards will be held in New York on May 15.

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