Cutters officially opens its New York branch today

Today’s the day that Cutters Studios officially throws open the doors of its fittingly stylish New York office down in trendy SoHo – the first Chicago post/production company to expand services in the advertising capital of the world.

Cutters New York starts off with a staff of three, two seasoned New Yorkers and a Chicagoan, and a welcoming chunk of Y&R/NYC business to launch the office they moved into a week ago.

The first hire earlier this year was executive producer Elizabeth Krajewski, who moved over from nearly four years as EP at Beast New York.  Originally from Kenilworth and a University of Illinois graduate, she’s been in New York film and editorial business for a dozen years.

Editor Steve Bell joined from nearly a decade at Cosmo Street, and editor and award winning doc filmmaker Nadav Kurtz is now permanently settled in the New York office.  He has been living in New York for the past year and commutes to Chicago.

Last January Cutters founder/CEO Tim McGuire and the company’s partners began planning an East Coast expansion. “The company has enjoyed unprecedented growth in the past three years,” notes McGuire, “so the timing was perfect for us to tackle New York.”

Almost immediately thereafter, McGuire and EP Craig Duncan began the search for talent they were “overwhelmed by the response they received from applicants, as Cutters reputation had preceded them.

McGuire says they first recruited heavily for an executive producer to lead and run the company from day-to-day.  “You can’t run it remotely.  We wanted to make sure that person understood our culture and business and could further our message.”

When Krajewski responded, “we felt lucky,” McGuire says.  Their first conversations began last summer and five minutes into the conversation McGuire and Duncan knew she was perfect to lead the office.  Krajewski says she also knew immediately she wanted to be part of Cutters.

New space in move-in condition

Finding the space they wanted to represent the company was clearly a challenge, McGuire says.  The plan was to locate within the creative advertising hub that New York realtors call South Midtown.  Not an easy effort as it has the lowest vacancy rate in the country.

Common space in Cutters New York officeAs luck would have it, however, they found 5,000-sq. ft. of extraordinary space in pristine move-in condition, at 466 Broome St. It has Avid bays, a Flame suite, an available audio room, common areas, and will ultimately have finishing facilities and a roof deck overlooking Manhattan.

Staff will be added continuously on an as-needed basis, says Duncan.  “We’re be sharing our resources until it’s up and running,” which shouldn’t take too long.

Commuting from Chicago to New York has already begun.  Editor/partner Steve Stein is working there this week on a Frontier Media project for Connecticut-based Ryan & Partners.

“We’re doing all the work on Frontier in Chicago for them,  editing in New York where the clients can conveniently see the rough cut and finishing in Chicago,” says Duncan.  Everything meshing exactly the way it was planned.