Cutters’ Flavor adds Elliott as third Flame artist

Chris Elliott, Flavor’s new Flame artist

Cutters’ Flavor design division expanded again to 12 with the addition of Flame artist Christopher Elliott, who moved after a 16-month stint at Utopic and a decade at Red Car Chicago, with the title of director of finishing at both.

Flavor has a staff of 12 with Elliott, its third Flame compositor and finishing artist, working alongside Elliott is Flavor’s third Flame composite and finishing artist, working alongside motion graphic and 3D artists.

Elliott’s prestigious roster of credits include Super Bowl spots for Esurance’s 2014, McDonald’s 2013 spots directed by Joe Pytka, also Reeses Puffs and Miller Light  Anheuser-Busch, Jeep, Miller Lite and Nintendo.

“I have great respect for Chris’ talent,” says Higgins who runs a Flame and is also a colorist, who first met Elliott at NAB several years ago and remained in touch.

Optimus was Elliott’s first job out of SIU in 1993, working in the library quickly moving up to assistant editor and online editor in 1997, cutting high profile network sports promos as well as spots for major advertisers. In 2003 he moved to Red Car as an online editor and director of finishing.

“We also wanted someone who knew our clients and could hit the ground running here in the Chicago market,” says executive producer Neal Cohen. “We got extremely lucky with Chris. The fact that he is also an incredibly engaging and personable guy is a great bonus.”

Business for Flavor is “crazily busy,” with work coming from Chicago’s big agencies, says Higgins, a 10-year Cutters’ veteran. Two recent projects are a just-wrapped regional spot for American Family Insurance/O&M and the rolling out of a big Maytag campaign via Publicis Team 180.

The Flavor staff: executive producer Neal Cohen and senior producer Bruce Rindler. Flame artists: Higgins, Elliott and Steve Wood.  Designers: CD lead artist Brian McCaughey, Colby Capes, Brad Backosen and Adam Kohr. Maya CG artists: Tuc Nguyen, Marty Hon and Emily Berveiler

Flavor is a rebranding a year ago of Cutters long-standing Sol FX division. EP Darren Jaffe and ECD Brad Tucker lead Flavor in Cutters Santa Monica branch.