Civil Wars’ music video shot by Cap Gun’s Tom Haines

Train-hopper Claudia Davila watches scenery rush by in music video

The devastation of the deadly May tornado that swept the Ozarks was still evident when Cap Gun Collective director Tom Haines shot the band Civil Wars’ music video in June on a 150-mile stretch from Arkansas to Missouri.

“The One that Got Away” is the first single from the Grammy-winners’ self-titled new album, released just as the chart-topping band announced it was going on hiatus.

Train-hopping was something London-based Haines says he always wanted to shoot.  After testing the idea with the label, Sensibility Recordings/Columbia Records and Civil Wars singers Joy Williams and John Paul White, “everyone felt it could work,” he says.

LA actress Claudia Davila stars in the video as a train-hopping itinerant worker, leading a cast of mostly-local talent found along the way.

Director Tom Haines on Ozarks location. Photo: Jason Botkin, Cap Gun“I wanted to create the idea of a character who was living on the edge of society, but that gave her strength,” Haines says.

“She is vulnerable but adaptable, and sadly, seismic natural disasters seem to be increasingly something we may have to live with, so adaptability is crucial to survival.  It somehow reflected the ideas of loss, regret and transience which echo in the song.”

The England-born Haines won best New Director at the 2007 UK Music Video Awards for Tung’s “Jenny Again,” and has made videos for UNKLE, Temper Trap, Malcolm Middleton, Cibelle, Devendra Banhart, and White Denim.

He made the shorts “The Future is Ours” and “Street Art Painting the City,” in collaboration with the Tate Gallery for the UK’s Channel 4.

Cap Gun is The Whitehouse’s production arm

Cap Gun launched in Chicago in 2009 as the commercial production division of The Whitehouse editorial.  They opened a London office in 2011, and one in LA this year.

Cap Gun’s “The Venue,” won the New York Television Festival’s inaugural Comedy Central Pilot Competition.

Whitehouse editor Lisa Gunning made the leap to directing with the Cap Gun-produced music video for Goldfrapp’s “Drew,” from the “Tales of Us” album due out in September.  The video will also be released theatrically as part of a “Tales of Us” film.

Jimmy Waldron and Wendy Hanson at Them Creative Management are Cap Gun’s Midwest reps.