Lightfoot slams Teachers Union for “racist” tweet

2+ “Ruh-roh.” Yesterday, Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot put the Chicago Teachers Union on blast as she deemed a Tweet and an Instagram post from the union as “clearly racist.” The tweet shows a full-color cartoon version of Lightfoot bound by a rope (let’s reiterate an African American woman bound by white people with a rope), … Continue reading “Lightfoot slams Teachers Union for “racist” tweet”

S2/Swell wins its second Chicago Public Schools contract to produce semi-monthly cable TV show

The Board of Education last week awarded S2/Swell an enviable $575,465 contract for a TV series?but not without public opposition.

The Teachers Union, school advocates and concerned parents charged the show’s budget could have paid for almost 10 classroom teachers.

It always comes in a year when the Board of Education made deep budget cuts in school programs and staff.

Peter Cunningham, the school board’s director of external affairs who made the decision, defended the contract.

WYCC sold for over $100 million less than its worth

6+ The sale of Chicago’s second public TV station may have cost the city college system $130 million, according to the results of a six-month investigation contained in this article. Calculated in terms of potential income, the loss was just one of many negative factors that continue to affect Chicago as a result of the … Continue reading “WYCC sold for over $100 million less than its worth”

CPS school dilemma screening and discussion Saturday

With the CPS making daily headlines, “The School Project” doc series couldn’t be more timely.  Now the fifth episode, produced by Media Process Group, on Chicago public education will screen at a special screening and panel discussion the Chicago Cultural Center, Saturday, April 25 at 2 p.m.

Local 600 members furious at ?clumsy’ investigation of secret Rosin complaints

Angry Local 600 Central Region members blame the guild’s West Coast-based national president for the “devastating” departure of the business agent they called “the best we ever had.”

Jason Rosin, professional organizer for the Central Region’s 500-700 members, left Sept. 13 under “indirect pressure” precipitated by president Gary Dunham’s secret investigation of complaints about Rosin from a handful of non-union local vendors and producers, members said.

REEL WOMEN: Megan Donnelly, Training Mgr, AbelCine

5+ Editor’s Note: They are leaders. They are inspirational. They are mentors. They are visionaries. They are, quite frankly, badasses. They are our 2020 Reel Women During Women’s History Month, you will be able to meet these incredible personalities in Advertising, Entertainment, Media and Production. Get ready. Megan Donnelly is the Technical and Educational Development … Continue reading “REEL WOMEN: Megan Donnelly, Training Mgr, AbelCine”

Chicago’s Asian Pop-Up Cinema, March 12 – April 24

5+ Consolidated series presents premieres, partner screenings, special guests and sixteen films, from across the Asian continent Non-profit pan-Asian film organization Sophia’s Choice today announces Asian Pop-Up Cinema – Season Eight, the spring film series presenting sixteen films from across Asia, running March 12 through April 24, 2019. The schedule represents a consolidated schedule, with … Continue reading “Chicago’s Asian Pop-Up Cinema, March 12 – April 24”

The Third Coast of Filmmaking has a lot to talk about at this week’s Location Expo in L.A.

SELLING THEIR WARES at Location Expo in L.A. this week is what Scott Robbe would call “A Third Coast coalition” as film office heads and associates from Illinois, Wisconsin and Michigan meet and greet at Location Expo this week in L.A.

Incentives are the hot topic, of course. Illinois’ CFO’s Rich Moskal, the IFO’s Todd Lizak and Lisa Banks and Local 476’s Mark Hogan are talking up ours, while Michigan’s Janet Lockwood and Wisconsin’s Robbe are doing the same for theirs. May they all come out winners.

Award-winning filmmaker and Columbia College lighting instructor Chris Burritt dies at age 59

Chris M. Burritt had taught image design and lighting as a part-time faculty member of Columbia College for a decade while he remained in demand as a producer, director and cameraman of commercials, documentaries and corporate films.

Mr. Burritt, 59, died Jan. 7 of asymptomatic stomach and liver cancer at Loyola University Medical Center a week after he was diagnosed.

“Chris Burritt was one of the most dedicated and capable teachers I have ever met, and that’s in any context and in any country,” said Bruce Sheridan, chairman, Film & Video Department.