Uber Eats wins at the 2022 Kellogg School Super Bowl Advertising Review

Uber Eats is a big winner in strategic ad rankings with their spot featuring Jennifer Coolidge, Trevor Noah, Gwyneth Paltrow and Nick Braun in the 18th consecutive Kellogg School Super Bowl Advertising Review. Other brands that earned top marks included Planters, Google Pixel 6, and Doritos, continuing its legacy of creativity while linking back to its recognizable product. Not all … Continue reading “Uber Eats wins at the 2022 Kellogg School Super Bowl Advertising Review”

How brands used nostalgia to shape the future in Super Bowl LVI

In 1995, Dr. Dre’s “The Chronic” was only available via a scratched CD and electricity was used to power household appliances including the family tube TV. In 2022, the entire Dr. Dre catalogue is a thumb swipe away, cars are plugged into the wall and the Super Bowl played out on a flat TV mounted … Continue reading “How brands used nostalgia to shape the future in Super Bowl LVI”

Highdive returns to Super Bowl with Rocket Mortgage and Rocket Homes

Highdive is back in the 2022 Super Bowl with Rocket Mortgage and Rocket Homes to provide the best commercial advertising entertainment. Two years ago it was Bill Murray in the classic Jeep “Groundhog Day” spot. Last year, it was Rocket Mortgage with Tracy Morgan. This year, it is with Pitch Perfect’s Anna Kendrick, Barbie and … Continue reading “Highdive returns to Super Bowl with Rocket Mortgage and Rocket Homes”

Mark Gross takes the Highdive into creating spots for Super Bowl LVI

We are now less than 100 days away from Super Bowl LVI. Seventy-five to be exact. While the first quarter of the Big Game has yet to be played, ad agencies, across the country, are in the fourth quarter of pre-production, or even production, for their showcase work. From the Budweiser heydays of DDB to … Continue reading “Mark Gross takes the Highdive into creating spots for Super Bowl LVI”

Chicago agency Highdive soars again in Super Bowl

Congratulations to Highdive for once again landing atop of USA Today’s Admeter. The agency’s two 60-second Super Bowl LV spots for Quicken’s Rocket Mortgage were ranked number one and two. In 2020, Highdive scored the number one spot with Jeep. The spot featured a recreation of the hit romcom, Groundhog Day, and brought back Bill … Continue reading “Chicago agency Highdive soars again in Super Bowl”

Cheetos wins 2021 Kellogg School Super Bowl Review

Don’t get Super Bowl fatigue just yet. There’s a little bit more to our roundup. Cheetos is the big winner in strategic ad rankings with its “It Wasn’t Me” ad in the 17th consecutive Kellogg School Super Bowl Advertising Review. Other brands that earned top marks include Amazon, Bud Light Seltzer, Doritos, and Indeed. Not all advertisers had … Continue reading “Cheetos wins 2021 Kellogg School Super Bowl Review”

OKRP Creatives weigh in on Super Bowl ads

Despite the CBS All-Access crashing right at kick off. Despite a somewhat lame, yet spectacle-laden Half-Time Show thanks to “Should have been nominated for a Grammy” The Weeknd. Despite atrocious ref calling. Super Bowl LV was a historic telecast as we saw the oldest NFL coach Bruce Arians, 68, and the oldest QB Tom Brady, … Continue reading “OKRP Creatives weigh in on Super Bowl ads”

Laughlin Constable’s John Maxham on Super Bowl ads

Heading into the Super Bowl, the question on my mind was “How much of 2020 is going to wind up in the 2021 Super Bowl ads?” Mercifully, it wasn’t all that much. Not that there weren’t important issues to talk about, but we leaned so heavily into messaging around the pandemic and social issues this … Continue reading “Laughlin Constable’s John Maxham on Super Bowl ads”

McDonald’s Super Bowl – Thank You for Driving Thru

McDonald’s has unveiled its :30-second for the Super Bowl – Thank You for Driving Thru – which will air shortly before kickoff. For years, McDonald’s has heard its customers’ favorite songs blasting in their cars at the Drive Thru. This spot celebrates the musical moments Drive Thrus customers shared with a mashup of some greatest … Continue reading “McDonald’s Super Bowl – Thank You for Driving Thru”

Jeep to air one spot during Super Bowl

Keeping their effort under wraps, Jeep announced it will debut one commercial during this Sunday’s (February 7, 2021) Big Game telecast. The spot will air in the second half of the game. Last year, the brand along with creative agency partner and Ad Age Small Agency of the Year Highdive, created the unforgettable, Emmy-nominated Groundhog … Continue reading “Jeep to air one spot during Super Bowl”

Super Bowl consumer spending down

Chicago-based Numerator, a data and tech company serving the market research space, has launched a consumer sentiment study to understand how consumers plan to watch and spend regarding Super Bowl LV. Overall, there will be fewer repeat watchers, fewer gatherings, and less planned spend. Numerator polled 1,500 past Super Bowl viewers, evaluating responses using psychographic … Continue reading “Super Bowl consumer spending down”

P+N’s Superb Owl aids Aussie wildlife during Super Bowl

Rochester, NY-based Partners + Napier has launched an effort to save Australian wildlife with the help of Superb Owl (@SuperbOwl_Saves), a character named for the search term that is most often mistyped during Super Bowl season. Part-time ad connoisseur, full-time humanitarian, Superb Owl is set to take flight on Twitter during the Big Game to … Continue reading “P+N’s Superb Owl aids Aussie wildlife during Super Bowl”

The Best and Worst of Super Bowl LIII commercials

The term “sucked” could have applied to the parade of mediocre, ho-hum spots that aired during Sunday’s big game. And so ends another Super Bowl season. The build up of anticipated commercials is finally (and mercifully) over until next January. If one were to say Sunday, “Well, that sucked the life out of me,” we … Continue reading “The Best and Worst of Super Bowl LIII commercials”

Toyota changes the game in Super Bowl LIII commercial

Female football scholarship winner Antoinette “Toni” Harris redefines what it means to be a hybrid in new RAV4 spot Toyota returns to the 2019 Super Bowl with a spotlight on two game-changers – the all-new 2019 RAV4 HV (RAV4 Hybrid) and powerhouse female football player Antoinette “Toni” Harris. The Super Bowl spot, which will appear … Continue reading “Toyota changes the game in Super Bowl LIII commercial”

3% Movement: brand purpose will win Super Bowl

Together with Sprinklr, Twitter, and Papa John’s, the 3% Movement encourages fans to track purpose-driven campaigns by using the hashtag #3percentsb In its sixth year of generating real-time feedback to Big Game ads, The 3% Movement is now setting out to capture what that feedback suggests about brand purpose. Using sophisticated data analytics in partnership … Continue reading “3% Movement: brand purpose will win Super Bowl”

Watch Devour’s racy food porn Super Bowl spot

“Some may say our new commercial is too hot for TV. We’ll let the audience decide.” Katy Marshall, Springboard The Reel Chicago team was not going to post anymore today, but that was before we came across the Devour Super Bowl spot. The 3-year-old disruptive frozen food brand, which is owned by Chicago- and Pittsburgh-based … Continue reading “Watch Devour’s racy food porn Super Bowl spot”

DDB and Skittles Broadway bound for Super Bowl

Chicago agency teams with colorful candy to create the first-ever commercial performed as a live Broadway musical Last year, DDB Chicago and Skittles made Super Bowl noise by making none at all. If you remember, the Mars candy brand created a humungous mysterious campaign around former Friends star David Schwimmer and showed it to one … Continue reading “DDB and Skittles Broadway bound for Super Bowl”

Reel Chicago’s most & least favorite Super Bowl spots

This year, the commercials were the best part of the Super Bowl for everyone who doesn’t live in Boston or Philadelphia. In keeping with the couch potato, post-game, armchair tradition, The Reel Chicago team has assembled a list of our most and least favorite spots. Because nothing says great American tradition quite like laundry detergent, … Continue reading “Reel Chicago’s most & least favorite Super Bowl spots”

Celebrity Super Bowl ads: what’s in it for your brand?

There were plenty of eye-popping fireworks during this year’s Super Bowl in terms of both offense on the field and the amount of high-profile celebrity helmed ads. While it was all good for the NFL’s brand, was it good for the brands that spent $5 million for a 30-second spot? It’s an age-old debate albeit … Continue reading “Celebrity Super Bowl ads: what’s in it for your brand?”

Kraft Super Bowl spot focuses on “real families”

Leo Burnett persuaded Kraft to bench the Hollywood celebrities and let real families take the field during this year’s Super Bowl. In a 30-second teaser titled “Calling All Families” posted yesterday, the food company declared that “on Sunday night, Kraft’s commercial is reserved for the people we think are truly great: celebrities.” The comments section … Continue reading “Kraft Super Bowl spot focuses on “real families””

Schwimmer pushes Skittles for Super Bowl

Last week, Mars Wrigley Confectionary brand, Skittles, announced that it would create the most exclusive Super Bowl ad ever, and would only screen it to only one person, and that person happens to be Marcos Menendez a teenager from Canoga Park, California. According to an agency spokeswoman, Menendez is a real teenager, not a paid … Continue reading “Schwimmer pushes Skittles for Super Bowl”

Lexus, Black Panther team up for Super Bowl LII

Step aside Audi, there’s a new luxury ride in Marvel films. And it’s the vehicle of Kings. Or one King to be exact – T’Challa from the upcoming Disney/Marvel film, Black Panther. Lexus, which has had a TV relationship with Marvel’s Agents of Shield for the past 5 seasons, has unleashed a 60-second extended digital … Continue reading “Lexus, Black Panther team up for Super Bowl LII”

OKRP unveils Tiffany Haddish / Groupon Super Bowl spot

O’Keefe Reinhard & Paul (OKRP) capitalized on the timeless hilarity of a football-to-the-groin in Who Wouldn’t, a Groupon commercial set to air during the fourth quarter of Super Bowl LII next Sunday. Featuring Girls Trip star Tiffany Haddish, the 30-second spot reinforces Groupon’s commitment to neighborhood businesses by dealing a forceful pigskin rebuke to a … Continue reading “OKRP unveils Tiffany Haddish / Groupon Super Bowl spot”

FCB-Michelob ULTRA spot bowed during the Super Bowl

A 30-SECOND SPOT, “Our Bar” from FCB and produced by Radical Media for Michelob ULTRA — the fastest growing beer brand in the U.S. — bowed on Sunday’s Super Bowl.

The spot used real people to demonstrate Michelob ULTRA’s commitment to support and celebrate authentic fitness communities. From training to run clubs to spin classes, “Our Bar” depicts the new social fitness reality that fitness and enjoying beer can go hand in hand: you can work out, and then go out.

Bud’s Super Bowl spot could’ve killed but was so so

Super Bowl 2013 is history.   A game that began looking as if it would be a rout, ended a thrilling — dare we say unforgettable — football game.

But how about the 2013 Super Bowl advertising that every year is the focus of at least as much attention as the game itself?

Plenty has been written about Super Bowl advertising in the weeks leading up to the game and in the couple of days since it was played.

Third Wave makes waves encoding 5.1 surround on Super Bowl commercials

These are busy days for Chicago’s resident audio guru Hank Neuberger. Make that Super busy. He and Terry Fryer, his partner in recently formed Third Wave Productions, had an important hand in giving eight Super Bowl spots you’ll see this weekend more impact.

A week later on Feb. 8, some of those commercials will air on the Grammy award show, whose broadcast audio Neuberger has supervised for 15 years. Both shows air on CBS.

Could ‘Super Sucker’ usurp Super Bowl Sunday?

Not everyone is a football freak glued to his TV set on Super Bowl Sunday, reasoned independent filmmaker Jeff Daniels and his managing partner, Bob Brown, of Purple Rose Films. So why not capitalize on Midwesterners who would rather get out of the house and take in a good movie.

Ch. 11 to air Superbowl winning “’85 Bears” doc 9/7

Thirty years ago last January, the 1985 Chicago Bears coach Mike Ditka was carried off the New Orleans Superdome turf after the Bears demolished the New England Patriots, 46-10, in Super Bowl XX on Jan. 26, 1986.

Now a feature-length doc brings that memorable victory back to life. “’85 Bears: The Greatest Team in Pro Football History” will premiere in for Chicago audiences Wednesday, Sept. 7 on WTTW/11 at 8 p.m.

Davis returns to Sarofsky as VFX/Finishing Supervisor

Continuing its growth and its investments into excellence, design-driven production company Sarofsky is proud to announce the return of Cory Davis to its full-time staff. According to company Principal and Executive Creative Director Erin Sarofsky and Executive Producer Steven Anderson, Cory’s new title is VFX and Finishing Supervisor. Most recently 2D Lead Artist at The … Continue reading “Davis returns to Sarofsky as VFX/Finishing Supervisor”

DDB’s ECD Davis in new role as CCO/DDB San Francisco

DDB’S CHICAGO’S ECD KEVIN DREW DAVIS relocated to the agency’s San Francisco office where he will assume the position of chief creative officer at DDB San Francisco. He joined DDB in 2013 as CC of DDB Canada before being asked to assume the ECD role in Chicago in late 2014.

During his two years in Chicago, he was known for his McDonald’s work, spearheading the agency’s Cannes Lion-winning “Lovin’ the Super Bowl” Twitter campaign, which made McDonald’s the most retweeted brand ever in a single day.

A ‘Monster’ of a new Bears campaign from Two by Four

The Chicago Bears are back in business.  And once again, the question no doubt uppermost in the minds of the team’s legions of fans is whether the Bears will make it to the Super Bowl this season.

Hope, ya know, springs eternal.

Two By Four/Chicago, the ad agency of record for the Bears, is certainly doing its part — via a new ad campaign just breaking — to spark hope that this year’s team has the athletic talent and the ferocity to get the job done.

Spielberg-produced NBC show a “Smash”-ing disaster

Let’s just say it flat out.  “Smash” is a train wreck of a show like few others we’ve ever endured on TV. And get ready.  It’s headed right at us in Chicago on Monday, Feb 6., the day AFTER the Super Bowl.

In case you haven’t heard (though you should have, given the enormity of the hype this hopeless mess has already received), “Smash” is the new NBC prime time series that takes us behind the scenes to meet key characters involved in the creation of a new Broadway musical about Marilyn Monroe (cue the music!).

Gustafson’s Bud spots the viewers’ choice

Cutters’ Grant Gustafson has earned a special place in the pantheon editorial excellence by having editing two of the most popular Super Bowl commercials of the decade.

In the “Super Bowl’s Greatest Commercials” special that aired on CBS Feb. 4, the Friday before Super bowl XLV, viewers voted his Budweiser spots their first and second most favorite spots.

Hungry Man is the Hugos’ top TV choice

HUNGRY MAN of New York, famous for its creative directors and take on comedy commercials, has won the Commitment to Excellence Award for TV commercials from the 2010 Hugo Television Awards, announced Jesse Berkowitz, competitions coordinator at a party Thursday night.

Hungry Man’s managing partner/executive producer Kevin Byrne will accept the Gold Hugo on behalf of his company at the April 15 awards ceremony at the Hard Rock Hotel.

Famous for comedy commercials, Hungry Man’s work is always a dominant force on the Super Bowl.

Milwaukee’s Fullhouse opens a Loop office

Milwaukee digital marketing firm Fullhouse Interactive will expand its Chicago presence mid-month, as client MillerCoors rolls out a Super Bowl mobile game that Fullhouse developed for the brewery.

Three account managers will move from Milwaukee around Jan. 15 to staff the new office at 300 S. Wacker. “They will be joined by four or five others within the first quarter,” says Fullhouse marketing manager Allison Gugala.

Currently 10 of Fullhouse’s 71 Milwaukee-based employees regularly commute to Chicago. A digital media strategist will be hired from Chicago, she adds.

Another Country opens “Cinema Room”

Another Country has opened what is possibly the largest sound recording room in the Midwest — one that clients are calling “the best room in Chicago,” says partner/sound designer John Binder with justifiable pride.

Construction on the $1 million sound stage began last November and was completed by late January to handle sound for Super Bowl spots.

“The room was designed to mix all formats for broadcast and theatrical,” notes executive producer Tim Konn.

Another Country adds ace mixer David Gerbosi

One of the city’s favorite sound designer /mixers, David Gerbosi, is gearing up for a month of work on a big package of Anheuser-Busch/DDB Super Bowl spots in his new 25th floor mixing room at Another Country.

Gerbosi joined Cutters’ sound division Monday, after his current contract with CRC expired in November after 16 years with the company.

DDB put a hold on its two favorite Bud brand sound designers, Gerbosi and John Binder, for a slew of Anheuser-Busch brands — Budweiser, Bud Light, Bud Light Lime and American Ale -? 2009 Super Bowl spots to air Feb. 1 from Tampa.

Former DDB GCD Immesoete does double-duty at Backyard’s new Seed content company

Backyard Productions is never one to stand still, always finding a new way to serve emerging trends?like its newly-formed Seed, a content company led by former DDB award-winning group creative director John Immesoete.

Immesoete is Seed partner/creative director and also a director for Backyard.

Seed will concentrate on “entertainment opportunities such as TV shows and Web-based films,” said Backyard partner/principal Roy Skillicorn.

Since signing with Backyard in December, Immesoete directed the “Lady” Bud Light Super Bowl spot in collaboration with DDB.

Help keep CAN TV alive by persuading the City Council to vote for funding plan

Chicago Access Network Television ? CAN TV ? is in serious trouble. Money trouble. And 21 years of service could end unless the Chicago City Council is persuaded otherwise at its Sept. 1 meeting.

Alderman Bernard Stone (50th) in May proposed an ordinance that one-fifth of the city’s cable franchise fee be designated to fund CAN TV. Almost 80% of public access centers across the U.S. are funded this way.

Said Stone: “To give you an idea of the amount of money we’re talking about, a Super Bowl commercial produces ad revenues of a little more than $2 million.

Hugos to be SRO when it honors Joe Pykta at TV/spot festival March 11

Joe Pytka needs no introduction. The King of Commercials ? the director who’s made billions of dollars for the biggest advertisers in the world, the winner of every conceivable commercial award, including three DGA Commercial Direction Awards, whose commercials have appeared 30 times on the Super Bowl ? will be in Chicago, in person, to win still another award.

This one is a Career Achievement Award and tribute at Park West March 11 from the Hugo Awards, a division of the Chicago International Film Festival.

Spots and more warm December

Overall, the year coming to a close was nothing to cheer about. For most, October was a pretty good month, November was scary, but December, bless its cold and windy heart, is going to be okay from what we hear.

Here’s a rundown on some recent production activity.

DIRECTOR DENNIS MANARCHY came off a huge five-day Panasonic job, regrouped, and immediately went to Soldier Field to film four spots for LaVita (a Viagra type product) with spokesman Mike Ditka, the epitome of macho. They will air during the NFL playoffs and probably during the Super Bowl.

Flavor and Cutters Studios announce design team promotions

Flavor and Cutters Studios announced promotions for several long-standing team members. According to Flavor’s Executive Producer Neal Cohen, Brian McCauley rises to Executive Creative Director, Brad Backofen and Colby Capes ascend to Associate Creative Director, and Mack Neaton becomes Senior Art Director, effective immediately. McCauley has been a Flavor All Star since his first freelance … Continue reading “Flavor and Cutters Studios announce design team promotions”

The Funnel Collective Taps Sonia Reps for Midwest Representation

The Funnel Creative, a full-service media-content production company is now represented by Sonia Blum of Sonia Reps in the Midwest. Comprised of a diverse team of creatives, The Funnel Creative was founded last year to empower and uplift Black directors, creatives and content creators. Collectively, the three co-founders and executive producers, Adiclere Evans, Cisco Newman … Continue reading “The Funnel Collective Taps Sonia Reps for Midwest Representation”

Lots of vehicles making their debut this week at the Chicago Auto Show

What a week! Super Bowl, Auto Show, and Valentine’s Day. Can we get all this done? Automotive manufacturers, exhibitors and enthusiasts from all over the world are revving up for the 2022 Chicago Auto Show, running Feb. 12-21 at McCormick Place. The show is open each day from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m., except for the final day … Continue reading “Lots of vehicles making their debut this week at the Chicago Auto Show”

17 million Americans call in sick the day after the Big Game but not at SRW

SRW, the full-service agency has announced another innovative benefit for its workforce. Noting that an average of 17 million Americans call in sick the day after the Big Game, they’re getting ahead of the game. SRW, whose CEO, Kate Weidner is a lifelong Cincinnati Bengals fan, will be offering all employees a recovery half-day, opening … Continue reading “17 million Americans call in sick the day after the Big Game but not at SRW”

Animator Matt Trudell joins Cutters Studios’ Flavor as Motion Designer

The leaders from creative production studio Flavor and Cutters Studios announce the addition of Matt Trudell to their global staff in the position of Motion Designer. The announcement was made by Flavor’s Executive Producer Neal Cohen and Executive Creative Director Brian McCauley. A New Jersey native, Trudell joins Flavor after more than two years of … Continue reading “Animator Matt Trudell joins Cutters Studios’ Flavor as Motion Designer”

WNBA’s Candace Parker and Turner Sports to produce feature-length doc

Turner Sports, in conjunction with Candace Parker and Scout Productions in association with Baby Hair Productions, has announced the green-light of an untitled documentary project which will premiere during 2022 NCAA Division I Men’s Final Four weekend programming on TBS. The feature-length documentary will chronicle and celebrate the societal and cultural impact of Title IX, anchored through the perspective … Continue reading “WNBA’s Candace Parker and Turner Sports to produce feature-length doc”

ATKPLN continues Chicago expansion with three key hires

On the heels of the announcement of creative studio ATKPLN ’s expansion into Chicago with the addition of Larissa Berringer, the company has doubled down on its exposure to extreme winter weather with three additional key hires. Also joining in Chicago is Daniel Pernikoff as Associate Creative Director, Travis Saul as Creative Technical Supervisor and Scott Rachwalski as Art Director/CG Supervisor. Combining … Continue reading “ATKPLN continues Chicago expansion with three key hires”

The Best of Reel Chicago interviews in 2021

Human beings are social animals. Personal contact and social interaction with others is simply essential. In opposition, Covid created lock downs, quarantines and generally created a need to rethink how we communicate with each other. Because communicate, we must. Although we all had hopes for 2021, it has pushed, provoked, squished and forced its way upon us … Continue reading “The Best of Reel Chicago interviews in 2021”

The Best of Chicago Advertising in 2021

So, here we are at the end of another year. In 2021, we experienced more freedom from the pandemic during the spring and summer as cases lowered, but here we are, back in a kind of partial quarantine as the omicron variant spreads. While many businesses asked their teams to return to the office, advertising … Continue reading “The Best of Chicago Advertising in 2021”

UPDATE: Burrell CCO Lewis Williams to join Weber Shandwick

Yesterday, Reel Chicago broke the story that award-winning Chief Creative Officer, Lewis Williams, had resigned from Burrell Communications. He will join Weber Shandwick as EVP, head of Brand Impact early next year. Terrence Burrell will take the helm as Interim Chief Creative Officer. In this role, Terrence will lead the agency’s creative teams in developing strategic … Continue reading “UPDATE: Burrell CCO Lewis Williams to join Weber Shandwick”

NHL and Highdive debut partnership with launch of Nothing Regular

Chicago-based Highdive Advertising and the NHL debuted its partnership over the weekend with the launch of the NHL’s new ad campaign, Nothing Regular. The teams have worked together since early this year but this is the first time Highdive and the NHL are sharing the news about their partnership. The Nothing Regular campaign launched this … Continue reading “NHL and Highdive debut partnership with launch of Nothing Regular”

Cox gives immigrants away from family the chance to hug again

As many of us return to our social lives and plan to celebrate the holidays together, Cox wanted to support those who continue to remain separated from loved ones.  Immigrants leave behind everything to start a new life in a new country: family, friends, language, culture and traditions. Fourteen percent of the U.S. population are … Continue reading “Cox gives immigrants away from family the chance to hug again”

Another Country names Tim Konn as Managing Director

Another Country Founder and Cutters Studios Partner John Binder and his colleagues worldwide announce the immediate promotion of Another Country’s Executive Producer Tim Konn to the position of Managing Director. “Working with Tim is always an outstanding experience,” Binder said. “He keeps the whole process real and fun, and that attitude absolutely shines through with … Continue reading “Another Country names Tim Konn as Managing Director”

Whitehouse Post marks a new chapter with promotions of five key staff

Whitehouse Post announces the promotion of five key employees to partnership roles, and a new Executive Director of Post Production, as they continue to evolve and build for an exciting next chapter of the company.  Editors Heidi Black, Charlie Harvey, and Adam Marshall join the partnership ranks along with Director of New Business Development Joni Williamson … Continue reading “Whitehouse Post marks a new chapter with promotions of five key staff”

New book by PR guru, Roger Darnell helps build your dream career

Anyone with a cell phone, WiFi, and the desire to communicate can achieve the astronomical. Drawing on his success as a freelance communications consultant, author Roger Darnell has written a new book for professionals and students who want to improve their prospects in business. Published by Routledge/Taylor & Francis Group, The Communications Consultant’s Foundation prepares … Continue reading “New book by PR guru, Roger Darnell helps build your dream career”

Squeak E. Clean promotes composer Julie B Nichols to Creative Director

Global creative audio network Squeak E. Clean Studios has promoted Julie B Nichols to Creative Director after two years as a senior composer with the company. A renowned Chicago-based composer, songwriter, director and producer, Nichols has over a decade of experience as a well-rounded musician composing across commercials, film, live theater and her with band The Chicago Soul … Continue reading “Squeak E. Clean promotes composer Julie B Nichols to Creative Director”

‘Maya’ continues Pearle Vision’s strategy to showcase Small Moments

Pearle Vision has launched their latest installment in the award-winning Small Moments campaign, a cinematic mini-movie titled “Maya,” in which a young Indian girl goes from feeling like an outsider to a more confident young woman with the help of a Pearle Vision eye care expert.   “Maya” continues Pearle Vision’s strategy to showcase the … Continue reading “‘Maya’ continues Pearle Vision’s strategy to showcase Small Moments”

Heart, Brains & Nerve adds Hue&Cry to their roster

Acclaimed design-centered animation studio, Hue&Cry, announces this week that Heart, Brains & Nerve has signed on to represent the award-winning Richmond, Virginia company for commercials, film, and content in the Midwest. The creative artist management company is led by its founder, Nathan Skillicorn, who brings Hue&Cry a wealth of diverse marketing experience from working with premier production and post-production talent across a broad spectrum of … Continue reading “Heart, Brains & Nerve adds Hue&Cry to their roster”

Wilson Sporting Goods opens first retail store in Chicago

Wilson Sporting Goods Co. celebrates the grand opening of its first-ever retail location today in its hometown of Chicago. Located in the Gold Coast neighborhood, the new Wilson store “kicked off” at 932 N. Rush Street with executives, Wilson Advisory Staff members and influential Chicagoans present. “With 108 years of history here in Chicago, it was only right that we start … Continue reading “Wilson Sporting Goods opens first retail store in Chicago”

Sports fans: Where have they gone?

Much has been made of the break in professional sports between March 11th, when the Utah Jazz’s Rudy Gobert tested positive for COVID-19 and the sports world began its shutdown, and July 23rd, when the MLB season began. Sports fans were left out in the cold. Or lockdown. The shutdown affected essentially every aspect of … Continue reading “Sports fans: Where have they gone?”

Cut+Run promotes Brian Mulvey to Senior Producer

Cut+Run’s Brian Mulvey has been promoted to Senior Producer. Known by friends, colleagues, and clients for his generosity of spirit and unflappable work ethic, Brian has produced notable projects spanning many genres, from comedy spots to music videos, feature films, and commercials. Among them, spots for Geico, Sling TV, the Grammys, and the 2020 Super … Continue reading “Cut+Run promotes Brian Mulvey to Senior Producer”

Editor John Dingfield comes home to Cutters

High-end editorial boutique Cutters announces the return of Editor John Dingfield to its roster. The announcement was made by Cutters Studios President/Managing Director Craig Duncan and Managing Editor Grant Gustafson. Since launching his career with Cutters back in 2000, Dingfield has established himself as a go-to editor for comedic and storytelling campaigns of the highest … Continue reading “Editor John Dingfield comes home to Cutters”

Matt Kuttan joins ICF Next as partner and ECD

Agency veteran, and Reel Chicago friend, Matt Kuttan just joined ICF Next in Chicago as Partner and Executive Creative Director. After years at Leo Burnett, Saatchi X and Burrell, Matt brings omnichannel and multicultural expertise to this consulting agency best known locally for highly creative PR, social and influencer work. Reel Chicago had a chance … Continue reading “Matt Kuttan joins ICF Next as partner and ECD”

Burnett, DDB, FCB represent Chicago at Andy Awards

The Andy Awards announced their winners on April 12 and Leo Burnett, DDB Chicago and FCB Chicago represented the windy city for their work on Kraft Heinz Country Time, Miller Lite and Coors Light respectively. Burnett The Chicago office took home an Idea Andy for their work on Country Time Lemonade’s Littlest Bailout. , which … Continue reading “Burnett, DDB, FCB represent Chicago at Andy Awards”

LeBron James, AT&T celebrate Black Chicago

This Black History Month, AT&T Dream in Black presents the return of Black Future Makers, a future-forward celebration of inspirational people in the culture. The campaign was announced via a commercial celebrating frontline workers and everyday heroes from Chicago in a spot voiced by NBA superstar, philanthropist and entrepreneur LeBron James. James is also one of this … Continue reading “LeBron James, AT&T celebrate Black Chicago”

Not Edward, Edgar Scissorhands in Cadillac LYRIQ

Cadillac’s electric future is illuminated with a “slice” of nostalgia from Tim Burton’s Edward Scissorhands universe, in a new commercial debuting in the fourth quarter of this year’s big game. The new spot, from Leo Burnett Detroit and directed by O Positive’s David Shane, stars Timothée Chalamet, as Edward Scissorhands’s son Edgar, and Winona Ryder, … Continue reading “Not Edward, Edgar Scissorhands in Cadillac LYRIQ”

You want a sandwich war? You got a sandwich war.

First, there were the Chicken wars. Now, Jimmy John’s finds itself in the middle of a sandwich war during the company’s first-ever Super Bowl commercial. The new spot from the Champaign, IL-based company features “Everybody Loves Raymond” star Brad Garrett as Tony Bolognavich, the “King of Cold Cuts.”  Bolognavich runs a lean, mean and quite questionable … Continue reading “You want a sandwich war? You got a sandwich war.”

“Believe You Will” in Guaranteed Rate’s SB spot

It’s the Friday before the big game, so expect a slew of Super Bowl reveals today. Guaranteed Rate, has announced that the newest ad in its national brand campaign, Believe You Will, will air Sunday. The theme line has a very Yoda-ish vibe about it. Created by Guaranteed Rate’s in-house team, the campaign focuses on the power … Continue reading ““Believe You Will” in Guaranteed Rate’s SB spot”

Where does Chicago rank for football fans?

For many Chicago football fans, as well as fans across the country, Super Bowl is far more than just a game: it’s a sacred American tradition. Fans aren’t just spectators, but are also participants. They do more than just proudly wear a team’s jersey, perfect game-day chili or tailgate with fellow fans. But as passionate … Continue reading “Where does Chicago rank for football fans?”

Steeves and Cutters on the making of before/during/after

While many people dream of assembling a Who’s Who list of premier talents to help them tell their personal story on the big screen, highly accomplished actor turned screenwriter and producer Finnerty Steeves (Orange is the New Black) has brilliantly brought this widely cherished dream to Technicolor reality with Steeves’ independent dramedy feature, before/during/after. On the heels … Continue reading “Steeves and Cutters on the making of before/during/after”

Coors Light, Seltzer Big Game ad runs in dreams

During the Super Bowl, commercial breaks are notoriously swamped with beer advertisements. A certain, other beer brand seemingly controls the ad space – so much so that Coors is legally locked out from playing on TV screens nationwide during the Big Game. However, AB has announced it is sitting out Super Bowl LV this year. … Continue reading “Coors Light, Seltzer Big Game ad runs in dreams”

Cutters promotes David Rubin to editor

High-end editorial boutique Cutters announces the promotion of David Rubin to Editor. The announcement was made by Cutters Studios President/Managing Director Craig Duncan and Managing Editor Grant Gustafson. Rubin landed an internship with Cutters immediately upon graduating from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, leading to a position as Assistant Editor, mainly working for Gustafson. … Continue reading “Cutters promotes David Rubin to editor”

2020 in Review: Top Chicago advertising campaigns

It’s hard to remember back in February 2020, when the Kansas City Chiefs bested the San Francisco 49ers in Super Bowl LIV and Parasite was winning Best Picture, no one was talking about COVID, the election and Black Lives Matter. We had no idea we were only a few weeks and months away from all … Continue reading “2020 in Review: Top Chicago advertising campaigns”

2020 in Review: Reel Chicago’s Biggest Stories

What a year, huh? 2020, which felt like a decade, will undoubtedly go down in history as one of the worst years ever. And who will argue? Certainly not the staff at Reel Chicago. This year, COVID forced productions to shut down. Then start back up. Then shut back down. Then start back up. It … Continue reading “2020 in Review: Reel Chicago’s Biggest Stories”

Best of the Midwest goes to ‘Like a Girl’ from Leo Burnett

Best of the Midwest voted on by attendees as iconic ads are highlighted in benefit event for Chicago, Detroit and Minneapolis food banks. The hors d’oeuvres were whatever you had on hand, the tinkling of cocktail glasses was done from afar and the applause was a bit muted, but that didn’t stop the Midwest advertising, … Continue reading “Best of the Midwest goes to ‘Like a Girl’ from Leo Burnett”

Diving into Highdive and their Emmy nomination

Daring to break the traditional agency mold, Highdive is producing exciting work that pushes the envelope in new ways. Most recently, the Ad Age Small Agency of the Year partnered with Jeep to create a Super Bowl spot celebrating the 90’s classic Groundhog Day, starring Bill Murray. The commercial resonated with audiences as it was … Continue reading “Diving into Highdive and their Emmy nomination”

Craig Duncan takes on role of President of Cutters Studios

Cutters Studios’ Managing Director and Partner Craig Duncan has been promoted to the position of President. As announced by CEO Tim McGuire, in addition to his responsibilities as President, Duncan will continue to fulfill his duties as Managing Director. Well known in the creative industry as a premier editor himself, Tim McGuire launched Cutters as … Continue reading “Craig Duncan takes on role of President of Cutters Studios”

NBC sets premiere dates for One Chicago series and more

NBC is celebrating a November to remember as America’s most-loved dramas make their highly anticipated season debuts the week of Nov. 9-13, including a two-hour premiere of This Is Us (Nov. 10) and all three Chicago series (Nov. 11). In addition, Law & Order: SVU (Nov. 12) will return for its record-extending 22nd season that same … Continue reading “NBC sets premiere dates for One Chicago series and more”

Bears to begin games without fans in stands

Expect The Bears ratings to go through the roof this year. And not because former Eagles’ Super Bowl MVP Nick Foles is a QB. No, The Bears and the City of Chicago have agreed that it’s not yet the right time to welcome fans back to Soldier Field due to COVID-19. But they will continue … Continue reading “Bears to begin games without fans in stands”

Highdive named Small Agency of the Year, Gold

Holy Jeep! Congratulations to our friends at Highdive Advertising. The independently-owned, full-service creative agency based in Chicago, announces today that it has been named Small Agency of the Year, Gold by Ad Age. This year’s honorees were named at the Small Agency Conference, which was hosted virtually on August 3-5. The Ad Age Small Agency Awards, now in their 11th … Continue reading “Highdive named Small Agency of the Year, Gold”

Watch the original Wassup! audition video

Editor’s Note: To remind people to check in on friends and family during social distancing and self-quarantining, Budweiser re-visited its iconic 20-year-old ‘Wassup’ campaign. Using the original cast with re-recorded audio, the spot successfully led viewers to believe that the original cast was hollering at each other during quarantine. Taking the concept two steps further, … Continue reading “Watch the original Wassup! audition video”

Havas bolsters data-driven creative leadership

Harnessing the power of data, technology and creativity to build meaningful American brands through craft and culture, Havas Chicago Group has hired three key executives to enhance the agency’s leadership team. Former Facebook executive Liz Roche joins Havas Helia, a digital agency that uses data to create optimized customer experiences, as managing director. In addition, … Continue reading “Havas bolsters data-driven creative leadership”

BBDO’s ‘Back-to-School’ wins One Screen Short Fest

BBDO New York’s Back-to-School Essentials, created behalf of Sandy Hook Promise, led the way at the eighth annual One Screen Short Film Festival last night, winning three awards including Best-of-Show honors. Short film work from nine countries picked up awards at the The One Club for Creativity event, that celebrates global filmmakers from both the … Continue reading “BBDO’s ‘Back-to-School’ wins One Screen Short Fest”

Framestore Chicago hires four new artists

Framestore Chicago continues to grow in its third year with the addition of four artists to the team. The office has welcomed Senior Nuke / Flame Artist Ruairi Twohig, Nuke Compositor Jon Rogala, Junior Compositor Isaac Spiegel, and Junior Designer Alma Kim.   Ruairi Twohig Twohig joins from MPC in New York, where he spent … Continue reading “Framestore Chicago hires four new artists”

Sneak peek at State Farm’s new ‘Not the One’ spot

After meeting Jake, a new face of State Farm who appeared during the company’s Super Bowl pregame spot, consumers might be wondering where the brand is headed next. Now, the wondering is over, and it was hilariously worth the wait. Launching tomorrow, State Farm’s new multi-year campaign, Like a Good Neighbor, re-envisions how the brand … Continue reading “Sneak peek at State Farm’s new ‘Not the One’ spot”

Behind the scenes of the Jeep ‘Groundhog Day’ spot

Chicago-based Highdive Advertising reinvigorated an existential pop sensation through Groundhog Day, a commercial that became a classic before it even premiered during yesterday’s Super Bowl. In a fast-forward recreation of the identically-named 1993 film, the 60-second spot stars Bill Murray as Phil Connors, a weatherman caught in a kink of the space-time continuum. In scene … Continue reading “Behind the scenes of the Jeep ‘Groundhog Day’ spot”

The Mill signs directors Ben Hansford & Rogier Schalken

The Mill announced today it is bolstering its global directorial roster with two new signings; Ben Hansford and Rogier Schalken. The Mill’s Executive Director Steve Venning comments, ‘We’re constantly striving to find talent, the kind of people that can ideate and collaborate with our clients and genuinely bring something new and different to The Mill’s … Continue reading “The Mill signs directors Ben Hansford & Rogier Schalken”

BOO! DDB drops first Skittles Halloween spot in 5 years

The Blair Witch would be proud. Or at least laugh her wrinkly, green ass off. Some of the best and most innovative advertising to come out of Chicago, and let’s be real – strangest, is the Skittles work from DDB Chicago. Whether it’s throwing a broadway halftime show with Michael C. Hall or screening a … Continue reading “BOO! DDB drops first Skittles Halloween spot in 5 years”

Carbon strengthens roster across the USA

Key hires and promotions reinforce new Chicago studio and seamless continental workflow Visual effects and design studio Carbon is proud to announce the promotion of Phil Linturn to Managing Director of Carbon North America and Gretchen Praeger to Executive Producer of the Chicago office. Additionally, the company is excited to announce new hires including Jeff … Continue reading “Carbon strengthens roster across the USA”

Britt Nolan named DDB North America CCO

Britt Nolan leaves Burnett to run DDB North America creative, as Ari Weiss is promoted to global CCO DDB Worldwide today announced that former Leo Burnett co-President and Chief Creative Officer, Britt Nolan, is moving to DDB Worldwide as the CCO of its North American network. Ari Weiss, who previously held the position has been … Continue reading “Britt Nolan named DDB North America CCO”

Chicago creative industry celebrates diversity

The Chicago Advertising Federation’s Summer Diversity Mixer celebrates a wave of the future that’s been here all along Besides motivating consumers, increasing social impact, and moving the nation forward, diversity is fun. It makes people happy to get along. When combined with food, drink, and music, it becomes the Chicago Advertising Federation’s Summer Diversity Mixer. … Continue reading “Chicago creative industry celebrates diversity”

SocialDeviant hires new CCO, opens new studio

Hart Rusen becomes Chief Creative Officer as agency grows by 2,400 sq. ft. in downtown Chicago Seven years after its founding as a modern agency for modern brands, SocialDeviant is doubling down on its commitment to creativity by hiring Hart Rusen as its Chief Creative Officer, effective immediately. This, along with building out their own … Continue reading “SocialDeviant hires new CCO, opens new studio”

Leo Burnett’s 2019 Cannes Lions predictions

Chairman and CCO Mark Tutssel’s top contenders exemplify creativity that creates human value Today, Leo Burnett Worldwide published its 32nd annual Cannes Predictions, a list that forecasts the top 20 contenders for the industry’s most prestigious global awards. The 66th Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity will be held in Cannes, France, from June 17-21, … Continue reading “Leo Burnett’s 2019 Cannes Lions predictions”

Liz Taylor named Chief Creative Officer at Leo Burnett

Former FCB Chief Creative Officer will assume leadership across Publicis Communications North America in new role Award-winning creative leader Liz Taylor will join Leo Burnett Worldwide as chief creative officer. Starting July 8, she will sit at the agency’s Chicago headquarters leading the creative direction of the global agency network. Taylor will work alongside the … Continue reading “Liz Taylor named Chief Creative Officer at Leo Burnett”

Cutters promotes a pair in Chicago

The editing and post-production studio moves Heather Richardson to Executive Producer, Patrick Casey to Head of Production Cutters Studios Managing Director and Partner Craig Duncan today announced the promotion of Heather Richardson to Executive Producer, and the promotion of Patrick Casey to Head of Production. Both Cutters Chicago leadership appointments are effective immediately. According to … Continue reading “Cutters promotes a pair in Chicago”

Creative force Jon Flannery joins DDB Chicago

Award-winning leader accepts challenge to help make marquee client Capital One “even more successful.” DDB Chicago today announced that Jon Flannery has been hired as EVP, Executive Creative Director. As a creative leader, Flannery has a reputation for architecting innovative work that both grows brands and garners creative recognition. In his new role, he will … Continue reading “Creative force Jon Flannery joins DDB Chicago”

Beer Wars: Miller Lite goes medieval on Bud Light

New creative from agency DDB and a lawsuit take the battle to a whole new level Marsellus Wallace would be proud. The #corntroversy between Bud Light and Miller Lite, which began on the Super Bowl, has now turned into a Super Brawl. MillerCoors has taken the brewing battle with Bud Light to the next level … Continue reading “Beer Wars: Miller Lite goes medieval on Bud Light”

No host. No “obvi” winner. Here are our Oscar picks!

Awards season finally comes to a curious, confounding and sometimes confusing end this Sunday when the Oscars announce their winners at the Dolby Theater. This year, there is no host (may come to regret that, Kevin Hart detractors) for Hollywood’s version of The Super Bowl. And in a Black History Month where a notable number … Continue reading “No host. No “obvi” winner. Here are our Oscar picks!”

The Colonie gets happy with Advocate campaign

Editor Tom Pastorelle cut a trio of Advocate Aurora Health spots created by MERGE and set to the theme song from The Partridge Family The Colonie editor Tom Pastorelle recently partnered with MERGE on a broadcast and web campaign for Advocate Aurora Health, one of the largest not-for-profit integrated health systems in the country. The … Continue reading “The Colonie gets happy with Advocate campaign”

Lite versus Light: corn syrup dispute bubbles over

Miller Lite is calling foul on Bud Light for claims about sweeteners mentioned in Super Bowl spots After jousting with Game of Thrones’ episode The Mountain in its Bud Knight Super Bowl ad, Bud Light now finds itself in a tussle with competitor Miller Lite. As part of its Super Bowl strategy, Bud Light placed … Continue reading “Lite versus Light: corn syrup dispute bubbles over”

Chance and Backstreet Boys drop hot Doritos spot

#NowItsHot Doritos campaign kicks off with the hip-hop and pop superstars remixing “I Want It That Way” Well, at least something is hot during these ridiculously cold Chicago days. The Super Bowl is only days away and brands are now dropping their multi-million dollar spots all over the place. Here, we have Doritos, after previewing … Continue reading “Chance and Backstreet Boys drop hot Doritos spot”

Dogs turn the tables on people for Avocados from Mexico

Chicago agency creatives are stuck inside from the below-0 temperatures, but that has not stopped them from releasing their spots for the Super Bowl which features the Patriots vs the Rams this Sunday, Feb. 3. Next up, is Energy BBDO’s fun Kristin Chenoweth spot for Avocados from Mexico. A few weeks ago, Reel Chicago debuted … Continue reading “Dogs turn the tables on people for Avocados from Mexico”

MillerCoors taps Michelle St. Jacques as new CMO

The former Kraft Heinz Senior Vice President inherits a portfolio of brands from the nation’s second-largest brewer MillerCoors has named Kraft Heinz executive Michelle St. Jacques as its new chief marketing officer, the first woman to ever hold the role. St. Jacques was most recently senior vice president and global head of brands and capabilities … Continue reading “MillerCoors taps Michelle St. Jacques as new CMO”

Kristin Chenoweth unleashes the dogs for Avocados spot

The actor pulls off some of the best four-legged humor this side of “Best in Show” in new Super Bowl teaser from Energy BBDO Energy BBDO unleashed a Super Bowl teaser video that features Kristin Chenoweth coaching a trio of canines on the proper way to sing the Avocados from Mexico jingle. The 15-second Chorus … Continue reading “Kristin Chenoweth unleashes the dogs for Avocados spot”

Michael C. Hall goes to Broadway with Skittles

Skittles Commercial: The Broadway Musical created by DDB Chicago has found its star in Michael C. Hall Skittles, which made a lot of Super Bowl noise last year with Friends star David Schwimmer, this year the candy brand has opted to go to broadway for Skittle Commercial: The Broadway Musical. And who better to “kill … Continue reading “Michael C. Hall goes to Broadway with Skittles”

Flamin’ Hot Doritos ‘collabs’ with Chance & Backstreet

Goodby Silverstein creates an all-star ensemble to introduce new spicy nacho flavor during the Super Bowl According to PepsiCo’s Doritos new Flamin’ Hot Nachos, the Super Bowl is going to be hot. How hot you say? Really hot as the marquee chip is bringing together Chicago’s Chance the Rapper and iconic boy band, The Backstreet … Continue reading “Flamin’ Hot Doritos ‘collabs’ with Chance & Backstreet”

David Winer launches Fancy Mountain Music & Sound

”The goal is always to help the narrative and to feel something. When you do, it’s lovely stuff.” David Winer On November 12, veteran musician and composer David Winer launched Fancy Mountain Music & Sound, a Chicago-based company serving the advertising and film industries. With decades of experience creating music for live, studio, commercial, and … Continue reading “David Winer launches Fancy Mountain Music & Sound”

Alexan accepts Biz Development role at Periscope

New position allows ten-year vet to partner with key players in the Chicago film community Kamelya Alexan accepted the Business Development role at Periscope Post & Audio, located on the campus of Cinespace Chicago Film Studios, last month. In the newly created position, she will report to General Manager Manuela Hung while spearheading the company’s … Continue reading “Alexan accepts Biz Development role at Periscope”

‘Office’ star trolls in OKRP’s latest for IL Lottery

Leslie David Baker plays a grumpy genie who sternly informs lotto players, “You can’t wish for multiple wishes” Leslie David Baker — who made fans of The Office laugh with his trolling of Michael Scott for eight seasons as Stanley Hudson — now has a new target for his grumpy, eye-rolling expressions: The Illinois Lottery. … Continue reading “‘Office’ star trolls in OKRP’s latest for IL Lottery”

DDB network claims a pride of Lions at Cannes

The concepts for “Exclusive the Rainbow” and “Trolling is Ugly” are worth the praise alone, but the executions are also exceptional.   So far this week, DDB and its specialty units have claimed a massive haul of awards at the Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity. With Exclusive the Rainbow for Skittles and Trolling Is Ugly … Continue reading “DDB network claims a pride of Lions at Cannes”

AICP launches another brilliant celebration of creativity

Following its premiere at MoMA, the Show and Next Awards will tour museums and cultural institutions around the country and abroad   (New York — 14 June 2018) The AICP Show premiered tonight at The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York City, closing out AICP Week, a celebration of advertising in the motion … Continue reading “AICP launches another brilliant celebration of creativity”

Laughlin Constable fires CCO Fietsam after allegations

“I deeply apologize to everyone that this situation has caused distress. I believe all women have the right to feel safe and be heard. I am focusing on healing with my family.” – Dan Fietsam   It’s never easy to report bad news, especially in the era of #metoo. What we say and how we … Continue reading “Laughlin Constable fires CCO Fietsam after allegations”

Why are so many clients (still) afraid of new creative?

After months of revisions, concepts either die in meetings or become compromised to a state of impotence Those of us in the creative department have asked the question so many times it has become rote. The best answer is not an answer. Clients are difficult. Period. Especially when it comes to approving work. Therefore, we … Continue reading “Why are so many clients (still) afraid of new creative?”

Energy BBDO becomes A.O.R. for Avocados from Mexico

Avocados from Mexico has selected Energy BBDO as its agency of record, according to a report published today in Adweek. The decision followed a competitive agency review that was launched in February and included 72andSunny, Doner Detroit, and Merkley + Partners as well as Energy BBDO. Two of the shops previously associated with the account … Continue reading “Energy BBDO becomes A.O.R. for Avocados from Mexico”

“Infinity War’s” new box office record and other news

In Disney/Marvel’s Avengers: Infinity War, intergalatic despot Thanos, otherwise known as the “Mad Titan,” hurls a moon at Robert Downey Jr.’s Iron Man. The same can be said about Disney and Marvel as the behemoth event, also known as a film, did the same to the weekend box office.   The epic story, ten years … Continue reading ““Infinity War’s” new box office record and other news”

Fusion92 hires away FCB Creative Director Josh Hurley

Independent award-winning innovation agency, Fusion92, has named uber-talented FCB Chicago Creative Director Josh Hurley, as its new Executive Creative Director. Prior to joining FCB Chicago, Hurley was a copywriter with Peter A Mayer Advertising and Chicago Creative Partnership. He spent close to a decade at FCB Chicago where he served as Vice President, Creative Director. … Continue reading “Fusion92 hires away FCB Creative Director Josh Hurley”

Reel Chicago Sitemap


Whitehouse Post Chicago signs Editor John Dingfield

International editorial company Whitehouse Post is pleased to welcome award-winning commercial editor John Dingfield to their roster. A versatile editor known for cutting comedy, visual storytelling, automotive work, and six Super Bowl campaigns, John has been a fixture in Chicago for almost two decades.   With an MFA in filmmaking and directing from Columbia College, … Continue reading “Whitehouse Post Chicago signs Editor John Dingfield”

DDB helps Skittles show where Sweet Heat comes from

DDB Chicago helped Skittles retain its top place on the eclectic advertising mantel with a new 15-second commercial starring a pair of unkempt basement dwellers. Skittles’ Rile the Rainbow commercial offers no context for the characters who “love these Sweet Heat Skittles,” but that doesn’t matter. The spot by DDB Chicago earns an enthusiastic double … Continue reading “DDB helps Skittles show where Sweet Heat comes from”

Lexus pulls a fast one for an April Fool’s Day prank

If one had stumbled across Lexus’ press room this week, one would have read a new release about Lexus’ amazing new customization for new drivers. Through a partnership with Mountain View, CA-based 23andMe, Inc., the leading personal genetics company, Lexus stated that they would, ahem, soon offer the ultimate answer to vehicle customization. Called “Genetic … Continue reading “Lexus pulls a fast one for an April Fool’s Day prank”

Optimus bolsters capabilities with new creative team

Led by Editor Angelo Valencia, Optimus roster expands by five (Chicago — 2 April 2018) Optimus announced today that they are welcoming aboard Editor/Partner Angelo Valencia, Editor Matt Glover, VFX Supervisor Ryan Wood, Senior Producer Joanna Woods and Assistant Editor Emily Hayes to join the leading production and post house.   This team most recently … Continue reading “Optimus bolsters capabilities with new creative team”

Periscope praises “Empire,” Trump calls “Roseanne”

Half of ‘Empire’s’ mid-season premiere filmed as one-act play (Spoiler alert: Please don’t read ahead unless you’ve seen “Empire’s” midseason premiere.) Sheesh, it sure has been a minute since Empire has been on. The series, which is filmed at Cinespace Studios, returned with its mid-season premiere last night. In the episode titled “Birds in a … Continue reading “Periscope praises “Empire,” Trump calls “Roseanne””

Ewan McGregor, Backyard, Whitehouse industry moves

Ewan McGregor joins RSA as commercial director RSA Films president Jules Daly announced Monday that “The Force” is now with RSA as former Obi-Wan Kenobi, Ewan McGregor, has joined the Ridley Scott-owned company. The acclaimed film, theatre and TV actor, who won a Golden Globe this year for Best Actor in FX’s Fargo, joined for … Continue reading “Ewan McGregor, Backyard, Whitehouse industry moves”

Reel Women: Kamelya Alexan, Filmmaker

Born in Tehran, Iran, Kamelya Alexan moved to Chicago when she was five-years-old, where she was raised. Kamelya has worked on and completed over twenty-five projects including documentaries, shorts, music videos, and feature films such as The Dark Knight, Public Enemies, and The Express.   Her most recent film, Before the Fall, won Best Editing … Continue reading “Reel Women: Kamelya Alexan, Filmmaker”

Wolfgang L.A., Jimmy Kimmel & other West Coast news

TRUECar & Panda Express name Wolfgang of Los Angeles AOR Consider Venice Beach-based Wolfgang of L.A. on a roll. Since winning Halo Top in January, the agency/consultancy, formed by former David&Goliath execs, Mike Geiger, Seema Miller and Colin Jeffrey has added two more wins in the form of TRUECar and Panda Express to its client … Continue reading “Wolfgang L.A., Jimmy Kimmel & other West Coast news”

Geoff Edwards tops busy week of moves in LA

CAA’s Geoff Edwards to helm R/GA Ad Age reports that Geoff Edwards, co-creator of peace coalition Saturday Morning and former CAA Marketing co-head of creative, has joined R/GA as VP Executive Creative Director of LA. Edwards, who spent a good deal of time in Chicago at DDB, FCB and Element79, is said to have a … Continue reading “Geoff Edwards tops busy week of moves in LA”

gyro and Make-A-Wish offer a teaspoon of hope

gyro Chicago/Denver has brought the Make-A-Wish Foundation to life by transforming the organization’s name into the tagline. Make A Wish. This bright, beautiful campaign highlights the foundation’s core idea and heart. Many kids live beyond their illnesses, and a wish granted is often a critical turning point for them. The opportunity to meet a princess … Continue reading “gyro and Make-A-Wish offer a teaspoon of hope”

“A-List” Burrell, Russell Stover, Zapwater, box office

Burrell among Chicago shops on Ad Age’s annual A-list While some were out shopping for mattresses or watching Marvel’s Black Panther for a third time on President’s Day, Ad Age dropped its annual “A-List” issue of the best agencies, and some Chicago shops made the list. We’re not surprised. We’ve been covering them all year. … Continue reading ““A-List” Burrell, Russell Stover, Zapwater, box office”

Haddish to Groupon users: “Let’s get weird” for V-Day

In keeping with the attitude that made her a favorite among Super Bowl viewers, Girls Trip star Tiffany Haddish combines firm advice with genuine enthusiasm in a new Groupon Valentine’s Day spot by Chicago-based O’Keefe Reinhard & Paul (OKRP). Titled, Date Night, the commercial features the sassy spokesperson iterating a list of romantic gift ideas … Continue reading “Haddish to Groupon users: “Let’s get weird” for V-Day”

The Reel Black List: Jim Glover, Creative Director/Writer

Jim Glover has worked for general market and black agencies and his work has always been on the cutting edge, which many believe is why he has won so many accolades in the biz. Jim has had commercials on the Super Bowl, introduced McDonald’s breakfast to America, and convinced conservative Dockers that their khakis were … Continue reading “The Reel Black List: Jim Glover, Creative Director/Writer”

DDB & Skittles reveal teen’s reaction to Schwimmer stunt

With all due respect to the creative team at DDB Chicago, I did not and could not turn away from my beloved Eagles, and their win over the Patriots, to watch what was perhaps the most inventive spot that aired that night. Of course, I am talking about the agency’s Super Bowl Skittles Spot for … Continue reading “DDB & Skittles reveal teen’s reaction to Schwimmer stunt”

Angelina Jolie, DGA Awards, Box Office, SNL in the news

  Angelina Jolie wins at Annie’s The Vince Lombardi trophy wasn’t the only award handed out this weekend. In Los Angeles, The Directors Guild of America and The Annie Awards honored their own for excellence in directing in film and television and animation, respectively Angelina Jolie wore a silver gown and brought two of her … Continue reading “Angelina Jolie, DGA Awards, Box Office, SNL in the news”

Chris Pratt sings “I Like Beer” in 2nd Michelob Ultra spot

Supporting its mantra that drinkers can stay fit and enjoy beer, Michelob Ultra has scheduled, for the very first time, two Super Bowl spots. The first, titled, The Perfect Fit, also starred Chris Pratt and featured The Guardians of the Galaxy star preparing for his very first Super Bowl spot. Its sequel, titled I Like … Continue reading “Chris Pratt sings “I Like Beer” in 2nd Michelob Ultra spot”

Watch Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler drive a Kia in reverse

Many of us often wonder what it would be like to go back in time. How would it feel? Would we love it or rush back to the present? Kia AOR David&Goliath has delivered a powerful, time-traveling :60 Super Bowl spot, titled Feel Something Again, starring legendary Aerosmith singer Steven Tyler. Taking place at an … Continue reading “Watch Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler drive a Kia in reverse”

New faces at Doner LA and Wonderful

Doner LA beefs up McDonald’s team Doner LA announced four senior hires following the recent consolidation of McDonald’s retail and local marketing, where Doner was assigned nearly 1,000 local partners to help bring big-agency strategic and creative firepower down to the co-op and franchisee level. Andrew Lamar joins Doner as a Multicultural Strategist, working across … Continue reading “New faces at Doner LA and Wonderful”

Traveling Picture Show, David&Goliath, Story, Cary Ruby

Traveling Picture Show volunteers at food bank It’s a holiday tradition for Reel Chicago to cover the good things that Windy City ad agencies and production companies are doing for the community, like Scott Marvel’s annual Give a Shirt drive to help the homeless. But, what’s happening on the west coast? After contemplating all that … Continue reading “Traveling Picture Show, David&Goliath, Story, Cary Ruby”

Laughlin Constable wins big at Milwaukee 99 Awards

Laughlin Constable’s “Best of Show” for Lambeau Field Supper Club Installation at the annual United Adworkers 2017 Milwaukee 99 Awards was one of several victories claimed by the agency during the Oct. 13 event. Described by LC as “a major focal point of Travel Wisconsin’s marketing efforts,” the Supper Club Installation offers the look and … Continue reading “Laughlin Constable wins big at Milwaukee 99 Awards”

No Limit, Comcast, NBC, charlieuniformtango in news

No Limit Agency has found its new president in industry and current independent consultant, Bryan Van Dyke.

Prior, Van Dyke spent nearly two years as chief operating officer for AutonomyWorks. Before that, Van Dyke was with Razorfish for eleven and a half years where he led client engagement for a decade and served as managing director before his departure in June of 2013.

Founded in 2008 as a social media agency, No Limit Agency bills itself as a “biography agency,” telling brand stories through all communications channels.

VP/CD Vos among recent hires and promotions at R+K

Naperville-based Rhea + Kaiser has been keeping more than busy this summer. The full service marketing agency announced a pair of promotions and a pair of new hires in July.

Jack Vos was appointed to vice president, creative director last week. The versatile veteran gained experience the old-fashioned way with Eiseman Johns and Law at the beginning of his career, where his duties as a junior art director included running the mount room.

See the Emmy noms for Outstanding Commercial

While most of the Emmy Awards broadcast audience will be on the edge of their seats watching House of Cards duke it out with The Handmaid’s Tale and Westworld, there will be another audience – advertisers and their agencies – who will be watching, with baited breath, to see who will win the Emmy for outstanding commercial.

Publicis shops to withdraw from Cannes next year

It seems odd that a French firm would poop on the party known as the Cannes International Festival of Creativity, but here we are.

According to an AdWeek report, a recent memo circulated within the Paris-based holding company Publicis announced that the firm’s 2018 cost cutting strategy will include “eliminating all award/trade shows for the next year.”

Presumably, the no-show declaration applies to Leo Burnett, Burrell Communications, Digitas and Lapiz, which are among the dozens of subsidiaries in the Publics network.

FCB gets it Bright

FCB Chicago announced last week that Lisa Bright has has left Iris Worldwide, as its executive creative director, to join the Michigan Avenue shop as the agency’s newest SVP, Group Creative Director.

Bright will report directly to Chief Creative Officer, Liz Taylor, and will be responsible for creative leadership across a diversity of brands including Humana, Renew Life, Liquid Plumbr, Pine-Sol, and Glad.

One at Optimus’ Mark & Amanda keep it real in IL

Last fall, Optimus directing duo Mark Pallman and Amanda Speva spent nearly two weeks filming throughout the Land of Lincoln for the Illinois Office of Tourism campaign Are You Up For Amazing?

Inspired to shoot “all that makes the state so special” — a concept presented by JWT Chicago’s Mike Beamer and Carolyn James in what Amanda describes as “a beautiful vision” — the directors relied on a documentary technique to capture unscripted spontaneity.

What’s up with Optimus’ new director Sam Macon?

It may seem odd that an accomplished indie film director like Sam Macon would enjoy taking orders from commercial clients, but that’s part of the reason he signed on with ONE at Optimus.

“With commercials, there is a limit to how much creative there is in a job,” he explains. “They are concepted from on high and my job is to execute the vision. There’s a lot of satisfaction in that. You’re freed up a little bit to explore when you’re executing someone else’s idea.”

First Pop Culture Con Nov. 26-27 a blast from the past

The first-ever, exciting, enormous Chicago Pop Culture Show & Sale takes place Thanksgiving weekend, Nov. 26-27 at the Pheasant Run Mega Center in St. Charles, giving visitors a spectacular blast from the past.

A year in the works, this new event builds on the concept of a comic convention with all kinds of vintage TV and movie, sports, music, sci-fi, comics and toy collectibles, memorabilia and displays.

Cutters’ Flavor adds Elliott as third Flame artist

Cutters’ Flavor design division expanded again to 12 with the addition of Flame artist Christopher Elliott, who moved after a 16-month stint at Utopic and a decade at Red Car Chicago, with the title of director of finishing at both.

Flavor has a staff of 12 with Elliott, its third Flame compositor and finishing artist, working alongside Elliott is Flavor’s third Flame composite and finishing artist, working alongside motion graphic and 3D artists.

Agency SCC’s New Year starts with a new account

AGENCY SCC starts 2014 with new business from Evanston-based Kerrygold USA, importers of Ireland-made butter and cheese.  Said Molly O’Loughlin, Kerrygold USA’s marketing director, in announcing their new agency: “SCC is a food expert that knows our consumers and most importantly, they are scrappy enough to help us grow our business in any kind of market.”

Busy Simon Casting hires Sayyed as associate

AFTER THREE YEARS with Shirley Hamilton Talent as a TV and film agent, Sanaa Sayyed joined Claire Simon Casting as a casting assistant – where she first worked as an intern practically off the plane from Houston. 

Casting was always her first love, she says, and right now there’s no place busier than Simon, which is casting for TV series “Chicago Fire,” “Chicago PD,” “Betrayal,” “Crisis” and sci-fi feature “Jupiter Ascending.”

Red Car “reenergized” by Kristinat, Rosenblatt hires

Red Car Chicago is revving up with a new philosophy, fresh new talent and a determination to revive and elevate the Red Car brand to rank among the top three editorial boutiques in Chicago, says managing director Carrie Holecek.

Towards that end, Red Car hired editors Keith Kristinat from Utopic and Texas native David Rosenblatt, a freelance long-form and feature editor, along with three young men in their first jobs as assistant editors.

KFC campaign targets the ‘couchgaters’ of the world

Nowadays, with the healthy food police constantly causing a ruckus about anything that smacks of unhealthy eating, it’s gotta be tough for KFC.  

Sure, the fried chicken chain supposedly has a healthier version of KFC still out there in the marketplace. But one doesn’t hear a lot about it these days.

Good grades to McGuinness for positive DDB changes

So how’s he doing?  As Peter McGuinness rapidly approaches his first year anniversary on the job as CEO and president of DDB/Chicago, he at least has managed to now to bring some semblance of stability to an agency that was — for much of the past decade — in danger of imploding.

The shop is not fully righted yet, to be sure.  But things are better. There’s no denying Anheuser-Busch, long a lucrative, flagship account at DDB/Chicago, officially left the fold on McGuinness’s watch. But for all intents and purposes, it was already gone before his arrival.

Walmart leads pack of explosive Q4 spot production

THE COMMERCIALS DAM has burst and this last quarter of 2011 should be busy and profitable for the commercial production/post scene. Directors’ reps are swamped fielding agency bids for major advertisers and out-of-town production companies in abundance have been and currently are shooting here.

Says Valerie Gobos, one of the estimated 40 directors/production company reps: “After a comparatively slow third quarter, the anticipated fourth quarter storyboard flow started out slowly, as agencies went through the creative approval process and exploded this week.”

Groupon’s first in-house ads disappointingly mundane

A major moment of reckoning is coming for Chicago’s very own tech darling (at least for now). Yes, we refer to Groupon, the online discount coupon company founded by former Northwestern University music student Andrew Mason. 

Groupon is about to go public with its first stock offering on Nov. 4.

That IPO is happening, however, as serious questions about the discount coupon company and its long-term viability loom larger with each passing day.

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Bob Winter becomes Y&R’s chief creative officer

A MAJOR AGENCY CHANGE is at hand as Bob Winter will join Y&R as chief creative officer of the Chicago office, starting in December. He moves over from Leo Burnett where he was SVP/ECD for more than three years on Altoids, Kellogg’s, Greenpeace and Caesars Palace.

Winter succeeds Ken Erke whose departure shocked Michigan Avenue when he joined digital agency R/GA a few months ago as executive creative director. Erke joined Y&R in2000 from Cramer/Krasselt.

?This is the era of cross platform advertising’

Chicago Recording Company created Freelancerinc.com “to address the interests and needs of the new society of freelance professionals,” says CRC VP Michael Gullickson, who manages the site.

He also poses questions to freelance agency producers, like A-list Bob Jackson, who has 20-plus years experience as executive producer working on award-winning accounts at DDB and FCB.

Here’s Jackson’s take on the freelance advertising world he travels.

MG: What are the intangibles that go into being a good producer?

BJ: Details, details and details.

Cutters adds new editor/partner

Grant Gustafson, award-winning spot editor known for his high-profile work on Anheuser Busch brands, has joined Cutters, from a dozen years at The Whitehouse and its predecessor company, The Lookinglass.

Gustafson joined in mid-August as Cutters ninth Chicago editor and the fifth partner of the 25-year old post house. The move, he says, “felt like a good career move to branch out and expand my horizons.”

“It’s exciting to have Grant join us,” says Cutters founder/president Tim McGuire.

New Chicago Convergence president

BRUCE MONTGOMERY, a co-founder of the two-year old, ever-growing Chicago Convergence, has stepped up as president. He is CEO of Wi-Fi Technologies and executive producer and host of long-running cable show, “Technology Access Television,” on CAN-TV Ch. 21, and a member of the Mayor’s Council on Technology, among others.

Montgomery succeeds fellow Convergence founder John Patterson, Pixel Brothers’ development director, who moved to L.A.

Becky Cattie casting for Towers

FIRST ASSIGNMENT for Towers Productions’ new casting director, Becky Cattie is to find the perfect cast for Towers’ “Housewives of Chicago” reality TV show, currently in development.

Cattie, who moved here from L.A. last summer, has six years experience casting unscripted TV shows, including “Extreme Makeover,” “America’s Got Talent,” “My Fair Wedding,” “10 Years Younger” and “The Simple Life.”

Response to the “Housewives” casting call has been “fantastic,” says Cattie.

Actors gain in AFTRA/SAG-advertising contract

Everybody was expecting a revolution, but the advertising contract AFTRA and SAG signed in the early morning hours of April 1 with the Joint Policy Committee of advertising agencies and producers looks a lot like ad contracts of years past.

There are some rate hikes ($36 million total) and some new Internet structures.

But in terms of wiping out the payment structure as we know it, that was tabled for study to be decided in 2012. Class A, pay-per-play commercials, in other words, have been preserved.

Kent Smith, Digital Kitchen’s new top guy, has impressive background producing national spots

WHO HE IS: The new GM/EP at Digital Kitchen production house since March 12 is relocating to Chicago from Indianapolis where he’s freelanced as a producer for some 18 years.

HOW HE VIEWS HIS JOB: Helping to coordinate the production; seeking the work; getting projects in the door and then determining the most fitting music and settings.

Filmworkers starts real-time HD uplink service

Filmworkers Club inaugurated a fiber uplink service that facilitates the real-time delivery of HD commercials and other media to broadcasting destinations across the U.S. The service is being offered via Vyvx, operators of the country’s largest HD network.

The service can also be used to transmit standard definition video as well as audio media.

“This is a great option for clients who can’t wait for overnight delivery,” said Filmworkers president Reid Brody.

THE REEL THING: News & Notes

VINCE VAUGHN, whose every meal, drink and partying fills inches of column space, will give columnists serious delirium long after his film, “The Break Up,” wraps and the players return to Hollywood.

Vaughn plans on becoming a permanent Chicago resident, by virtue of the condo he’s in the process of buying and his shiny new Illinois drivers’ license.

REELSCREEN: News & Notes

WARNER BROS. SETS MAJOR FEATURE IN CHICAGO. A remake of a Korean movie now called “Il Mare” (“The Sea”) will start shooting in mid-March and is expected to be here for four months. Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves star; Argentinean Alejandro Agresti directs. Location is a house presently being built on a lake in the Forest Preserves.

Chicago native David Auburn (“Proof”) scripted the story for Chicago. Production designer is Matthew Crowley. Production headquarters are located in the Sofitel Hotel.

Up and Down the Avenue – 02/07/04

JWT wins the $12 million Illinois Tourism account, resigned last year by BBDO.

Tom Bernadin is Leo Burnett’s new president, from Interpublic’s Lowe’s/New York — the first non-Burnetter to have that post in the agency’s 70 year history.

DDB resigned the Lottery account, citing a difference of opinion over marketing and creative.

Marguerite Juliusson has added director Dennis Manarchy and Big Deahl Productions to her representation roster.


REELSCREEN: News & Notes 1/7/04

MARTIN ON HIS OWN. Ace editor Alarick Martin amicably departed Spots BME after three-and-a- half years to work as an independent editor. “It was time to move on,” he said. “I’m going to freelance in the short run and see how it goes,” he said, noting he is positioning his talents nationally. Up first is a package of Chrysler/BBDO spots via STS Editorial in Southfield, Michigan, with which he has a work and representation arrangement. Martin is no stranger to the Detroit market; he edited for Griot Editorial for several years. Reach him at 312/909-3876.


BARBIZON LIGHTING doubled its space to 4,000-sq. ft. and added much needed storage space when it moved last month to 2525 N. Elston from 2356 N. Damen. The new separate warehouse houses “an assortment of grip gear needed that day,” notes Julie Giampaolo, one of Barbizon’s five employees. Larger orders are shipped in from Barbizon warehouses throughout the country.

IN A NEW GATORADE/Element 79 spot directed by Joe Pytka, 39-year-old Michael Jordan plays a game of one-on-one against himself as a 23-year-old Chicago Bull.