Keanu Reeves to film miniseries The Devil in the White City in Chicago

Keanu Reeves (The Matrix, John Wick) is reportedly in talks to star in his first official television role ever in the miniseries The Devil in the White City. According to Deadline, Leonardo DiCaprio and Martin Scorsese will executive produce. The limited series, based on the 2003 novel by Erik Larson is set in Chicago in … Continue reading “Keanu Reeves to film miniseries The Devil in the White City in Chicago”

Keanu Reeves, Carrie-Anne Moss on returning to ‘Matrix’

While the three original films – The Matrix, The Matrix Reloaded and The Matrix Revolutions – seemed to conclude the series – Neo and Trinity do die – there has been speculation that the world would return someday. That someday began last August when Warner Bros. officially announced that a fourth Matrix would happen. After … Continue reading “Keanu Reeves, Carrie-Anne Moss on returning to ‘Matrix’”

REELSCREEN: News & Notes

WARNER BROS. SETS MAJOR FEATURE IN CHICAGO. A remake of a Korean movie now called “Il Mare” (“The Sea”) will start shooting in mid-March and is expected to be here for four months. Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves star; Argentinean Alejandro Agresti directs. Location is a house presently being built on a lake in the Forest Preserves.

Chicago native David Auburn (“Proof”) scripted the story for Chicago. Production designer is Matthew Crowley. Production headquarters are located in the Sofitel Hotel.

The Wachowskis auction memorabilia from The Matrix, Cloud Atlas and more

The Wachowskis will auction their collection of memorabilia, props, concept art, costumes, awards and souvenirs from their signature films such as The Matrix, Cloud Atlas, The Matrix Reloaded, Speed Racer, Jupiter Ascending, Ninja Assassin, Enter the Matrix, The Matrix Revolutions, V for Vendetta. Potter & Potter Auctions announces this can’t miss sale to be held … Continue reading “The Wachowskis auction memorabilia from The Matrix, Cloud Atlas and more”

Here’s what’s filming on the streets of Chicago for the week of March 21

Chicago continues to be a busy hub for filming features, tv and streaming content, documentaries, and commercials – to the dismay of some and the delight of others. Overall, residents learn to accept the negatives with the positives if they want to live in a city so iconic that it has become a major powerhouse … Continue reading “Here’s what’s filming on the streets of Chicago for the week of March 21”

What new series are setting up in Chicago and what’s leaving

What do HBO, Amazon, Hulu, Apple TV, Netflix, NBC/Uni, Sony, Disney, AMC Studios, Showtime, STARZ all have in common? They’ve all moved into town, setup shop, and made themselves a home in Chicago to shoot a tv series. I’ve lived through the ebb and flow of the Chicago film industry since the mid 80s. This … Continue reading “What new series are setting up in Chicago and what’s leaving”

Our Top 10 Valentine’s Day Chicago films

Valentine’s day is just around the corner and with the global pandemic, many couples are choosing to stream movies at home “and chill”. There are many romantic movies filmed in the windy city and we’ve taken the time to compile a list of the top ten best romantic films set in Chicago that you can … Continue reading “Our Top 10 Valentine’s Day Chicago films”

Directors Steve Conry & Christian Schultz find the heart of Electric Forest

Directors Steve Conry and Christian Schultz recently released this heart felt documentary that celebrates the 10 year anniversary of world famous music festival, Electric Forest. Steve Conroy is on the Seed Media Arts director’s roster. Electric Forest is co-produced by Madison House Presents and Insomniac Events who gave Conry and Schultz carte blanche to document … Continue reading “Directors Steve Conry & Christian Schultz find the heart of Electric Forest”

Lana Wachowski explains why now is the right time to return to The Matrix

We are only a couple of weeks away from the opening of the fourth, and long-awaited chapter, to The Matrix, the groundbreaking 1999 film that redefined a genre. That trilogy came from the visionary minds of Chicago-born writer/directors Lilly and Lana Wachowski. Now, Lana is out on her own as she brings The Matrix: Resurrections … Continue reading “Lana Wachowski explains why now is the right time to return to The Matrix”

Porsche casts Bill Nye to teach Electric Taycan

Who doesn’t love Bill Nye, the Science Guy? Porsche certainly does, as the luxury brand has tapped Nye for a five-part web series explaining the engineering of the battery electric Taycan. Launching today, the project is aptly titled “Bill Nye Explains the All-Electric Taycan.”  This is a fast follow to last month’s “Going the Distance” 8-minute film with … Continue reading “Porsche casts Bill Nye to teach Electric Taycan”

Wachowski says ‘Matrix’ is transgender allegory

Before COVID-19 shut down production last March, Chicago-born director Lana Wachowski was deep into filming the fourth, the first of a new trilogy, Matrix film for Warner Bros. Since then, the Keanu Reeves-Carrie Anne-Moss sci-fi pic has resumed production in Belgium. Sister Lilly, who identified as trans along with her sister after the films came … Continue reading “Wachowski says ‘Matrix’ is transgender allegory”

Warner Bros. delays ‘Matrix’ sequel until 2022

Even with cities and their movie theaters cautiously reopening after being shut down for three months, studios are not risking box office failure with their big tentpole films. Just shortly after delaying Wonder Woman 1984 to October 2, comes word that Warner Bros. is halting the 2021 release of the highly-anticipated fourth The Matrix film. … Continue reading “Warner Bros. delays ‘Matrix’ sequel until 2022”

Lilly Wachowski admits “rage” inspired ‘Matrix’

Like other big budget productions, The Matrix 4, directed by Lana Wachowski, has shut down until the current Coronavirus pandemic has cleared enough for studios to feel safe to go back into production. That day seems like it will come sooner rather than later as sister outlet Reel 360 reports California will reopen for film production this Friday, June 12. … Continue reading “Lilly Wachowski admits “rage” inspired ‘Matrix’”

‘John Wick’ directors help out with ‘Matrix 4’ stunts

When the Wachowskis’ The Matrix premiered in 1999, it gave film audiences some of the most ground-breaking, jaw-dropping action sequences of the time. Who can forget in the opening minutes, Trinity (played by Carrie-Anne Moss) springing into the air, freezing and the camera spinning around her? Even if the subsequent sequels were not as beloved, … Continue reading “‘John Wick’ directors help out with ‘Matrix 4’ stunts”

Chatter: Is new ‘Matrix’ filming in Chicago 2020?

If rumors are to be believed a new Matrix, helmed by the Wachowskis could be filming in town as early as next year There is a new rumor making the rounds that caught wind of. If it is to be believed, the once successful Matrix franchise will return to the big screen sooner than … Continue reading “Chatter: Is new ‘Matrix’ filming in Chicago 2020?”

Celebrity Super Bowl ads: what’s in it for your brand?

There were plenty of eye-popping fireworks during this year’s Super Bowl in terms of both offense on the field and the amount of high-profile celebrity helmed ads. While it was all good for the NFL’s brand, was it good for the brands that spent $5 million for a 30-second spot? It’s an age-old debate albeit … Continue reading “Celebrity Super Bowl ads: what’s in it for your brand?”

Features and a TV series ahead for Chicago production

Two features and a reported TV series will be adding to the ever-lengthening slate of Chicago-based productions, which is “only the tip of the iceberg of what the industry is capable of,” notes Local 476 president Brad Matthys.

First up is a week’s worth of shooting on “Death Wish,” MGM / Paramount’s remake of the 1974 hit made famous by Charles Bronson.

Kessler working on $200mm deal with China Film Group

Entertainment attorney Hal “Corky” Kessler says he’s 60-90 days away from finalizing a deal with Chinese private investors for Father John, the first in a $200 million slate of U.S.-Chinese coproductions.

Kessler says he’s working out the deal in cooperation with the government-backed China Film Group, which manages a $1 billion investment fund for projects with budgets up to $15 million.

Father John is a spy adventure set in “seedy nighttime Shanghai as a melting pot of shady expatriates,” producer David Minnihan says on the project’s website.

No Vin Diesel “Transit” to Chicago; his pullout cancels the $30 mm feature due to shoot here

Actor Vin Diesel dealt an unexpected blow to Chicago when he reportedly pulled out as the star of Accent Pictures’ $30 million action-drama “Black Water Transit.” It was due to start shooting here July 31.

Five L.A. staffers had just begun to settle into offices at Chicago Studio City when they were told June 15 the movie was canceled and they returned to L.A.

Accent Pictures told CSC owner John Crededio that they would like to return to Chicago once the starring role was recast.

Partners Paoli and Halihan back from L.A. to make dramatic short film here

The Chicago expatriates of Soul Mate Pictures are back in town this January to make the company’s third film, “Rain Today.”

Directed by veteran stuntman Carl Paoli (“Minority Report,” “Jurassic Park III”), “Rain Today” stars Robert Hildreth as a man who sustains a major head injury and experiences a succession of flashbacks and hallucinations until the nature of the injury is revealed at the end.