‘Shameless’ announces final season premiere date

0 Showtime sets an official premiere date for the last season for the Gallagher family. Shameless, Showtime’s longest-running series had starts and stops following the COVID-19 imposed shutdown but the official premiere of the Season 11 final season is set for Sunday, December 6th. Chicago’s favorite family, made up of a wild crew of children … Continue reading “‘Shameless’ announces final season premiere date”

Shameless in town filming this week

6+ Showtime’s longest-running series, Shameless was seen filming in town today for some pickup shots. A small crew filmed exterior drone shots of the infamous Gallagher house for VFX plates. The award-winning series was scheduled to air this summer, but like many other productions, shut down in March due to COVID-19. The cast headed back … Continue reading “Shameless in town filming this week”

Showtime to air final season of ‘Shameless’ this summer

3+ Capping off an 11-season run, Showtime’s dramedy series Shameless will air its final episodes this summer. According to Deadline, President of Entertainment at Showtime Networks Gary Levine made the renewal announcement at the Winter TCA Press Tour. “Airing this summer, it will be one last hurrah for the Gallaghers and their unique blend of … Continue reading “Showtime to air final season of ‘Shameless’ this summer”

1.34m viewers watch Emmy Rossum depart ‘Shameless’

2+ Well, there was nothing to be ashamed of when it came to Fiona Gallagher leaving her family on the South Side. In fact, it was rather emotional as Emmy Rossum officially left on an airplane for parts unknown on the Season 9 finale of Showtime’s Shameless. Rossum announced she was leaving Shameless last year, … Continue reading “1.34m viewers watch Emmy Rossum depart ‘Shameless’”

Showtime renews ‘Shameless’ for 10th season

4+ Popular series says good-bye to Emmy Rossum and hello to Cameron Monaghan in tenth season renewal Here’s some news to warm the Chicago production community. And it doesn’t include drinking booze or peeing your pants. Unless you’re Frank Gallagher. According to E-Online, Shameless has been renewed by Showtime for a 10th season. Although star … Continue reading “Showtime renews ‘Shameless’ for 10th season”

Cameron Monaghan announces he’s leaving ‘Shameless’

3+ News drops on the heels of Emmy Rossum announcing her exit after ninth season. It was great knowing you “Gay Jesus.” Just a month after Emmy Rossum who plays Fiona Gallagher, Cameron Monaghan, who plays bipolar and gay brother Ian, has now announced that he will be leaving the Showtime series at mid-season. The … Continue reading “Cameron Monaghan announces he’s leaving ‘Shameless’”

Cheers! “Shameless” drops first teaser for Season 9

2+   “Let’s Make America Gallagher Again!”     Time to get those showers running because the sleaziest (and funniest) family on the South Side is prepping for its return. Yes, Frank, Fiona, Lip, Debbie and the rest of the Gallagher clan is back as Shameless moves into Season 9. The mega-hit Showtime comedy, which … Continue reading “Cheers! “Shameless” drops first teaser for Season 9″

Macy nabs Emmy nom for Chi-based “Shameless”

2+ Aside from Macy and “Roseanne’s” Laurie Metcalf, Chicago connections went ignored: nothing for “The Chi,” “Empire,” and Dick Wolf’s “Chicago” series   Frank Gallagher is the worst father on TV, but for Two-time Emmy winner William H. Macy, the shiftless dad is pure gold. The talented actor scored his fifth Emmy nomination for his … Continue reading “Macy nabs Emmy nom for Chi-based “Shameless””

‘Chicago Med’ has begun production on Season 6

3+ Amazing news for the Chicago production community – the new season of Chicago Med is officially underway. According to Deadline, the highest rated drama on NBC’s One Chicago Wednesdays has resumed production after being stalled back in March due to the pandemic. But production has been deemed safe for cast and crew to return to work … Continue reading “‘Chicago Med’ has begun production on Season 6”

Filmmaker Chantel Chavon tackles racism, mental health

4+ Up and coming Chicago-based filmmaker, Chantel Chavon, makes her directorial debut by tackling the connection between racism and mental illness head on in the short film, When the Leaves Fall. Based on an original screenplay by Chavon, the psychological drama tells the story of a mentally-ill homeless woman living inside of a bus shelter, … Continue reading “Filmmaker Chantel Chavon tackles racism, mental health”

Alex Pissios talks future of Chicago production

8+ Nowhere can the pandemic’s financial impact be felt more than in the city’s once thriving production industry. Shows such as Empire, the Dick Wolf “Chicago” shows, Shameless and commercials positioned Chicago as the midwest hub for networks and studios. Once productions were forced to shutter, everyone from actors to craft services suddenly found themselves … Continue reading “Alex Pissios talks future of Chicago production”

‘Empire’ airs 100th episode tonight on Fox

1+ What does Fox’s Empire, now in its sixth and final season, have in common with NBC’s Chicago Med, Chicago Fire and Chicago P.D. have hit E.R. and even Showtime’s  Shameless? They are all scripted shows based and filmed in Chicago that have reached the milestone of 100 shows.   The hip-hop drama, once a ratings powerhouse and pop culture … Continue reading “‘Empire’ airs 100th episode tonight on Fox”

REEL WOMEN: Christina Varotsis, producer, UPM

9+ Editor’s Note: They are leaders. They are inspirational. They are mentors. They are visionaries. They are, quite frankly, badasses. They are our 2020 Reel Women During Women’s History Month, you will be able to meet these incredible personalities in Advertising, Entertainment, Media and Production. Get ready. Christina has produced a wide variety of studio … Continue reading “REEL WOMEN: Christina Varotsis, producer, UPM”

Wayne Kubacki retires from Essanay Studios

13+ Last month, Essanay Studio and Lighting Company co-owner Wayne Kubacki retired from the nationally recognized company that he co-founded decades ago. Widely admired for his extensive knowledge, punctilious care, and conversational efficiency, he leaves a vacancy that will reverberate far beyond the company’s Goose Island facility. “I’m going to miss him,” says Jules Tomko, … Continue reading “Wayne Kubacki retires from Essanay Studios”

Cow Lamp acquires a pair of Jack Newell films

3+ Indie distributor scores ‘Open Tables’ and ‘Close Quarters’ by Second City’s Harold Ramis School Program Director Cow Lamp Films — the Midwest’s first and only full-service, independent film and television distributor — has acquired two movies by romantic comedy legend Jack C. Newell. In Newell’s signature style, both of the stories use food and … Continue reading “Cow Lamp acquires a pair of Jack Newell films”

Locals show us Englewood’s funny side in ‘South Side’

4+ Chicago brothers, Bashir and Sultan Salahuddin, find humor in everyday struggles of working class, aspirational locals.   Wow, that was funny. Like really funny.   The new Comedy Central series South Side premiered Wednesday night, and in case you didn’t get the gist from the opening line, the show is funny AF. The network … Continue reading “Locals show us Englewood’s funny side in ‘South Side’”

12 year old to host art show at Cinespace

4+ Photographer Natalie Lising has “grown up” around film sets while receiving a lifetime of support from the Pissios family To aspiring artists, a show at Cinespace marks a great milestone in one’s career. It can sometimes take years and many dollars to produce. Hundreds of blockbusters and classic television shows have been shot, organized, … Continue reading “12 year old to host art show at Cinespace”

Interview with former IFO Director Christine Dudley

7+ The woman who helped Illinois make hundreds of TV shows and generate $2.5 billion in revenue talks about the ever-changing Midwestern filmscape Christine Dudley joined the Illinois Film Office at the exact time when the Illinois Film Office needed Christine Dudley. Combining exceptional legislative knowledge with a “modest background in production,” she helped guide … Continue reading “Interview with former IFO Director Christine Dudley”

NBC renews Dick Wolf’s ‘Chicago’ franchise

2+ Nearly 35 million regular viewers watch the Windy City trifecta every Wednesday night Chicago production community rejoice, you will have even more crime, fire and sickness to deal with next year. NBC has announced that the network plans to move forward with new seasons of all three of Dick Wolf’s dramatic “Chicago” series – … Continue reading “NBC renews Dick Wolf’s ‘Chicago’ franchise”