Q & A with SAG-AFTRA Chicago’s Kathy Byrne

10+ Kathy Byrne provides a wealth of information for Chicago productions.  Currently the SAG-AFTRA Chicago Local Director of TV/Theatrical, she was a Project Coordinator for the Mayor’s Office of Special Events in the Film Office.   Byrne has been the Director of TV/Theatrical for SAG-AFTRA Chicago since May, 2010.  In addition to running the TV/Theatrical … Continue reading “Q & A with SAG-AFTRA Chicago’s Kathy Byrne”

SAG-AFTRA slams door on hotel room auditions

4+ On April 12, SAG-AFTRA called for an end to auditions and interviews in private hotel rooms and residences. Defined as an expansion to the Code of Conduct that the union published in February, “Guideline No. 1” specifically states that, “we call on producers and other decision makers with influence or control over decisions that … Continue reading “SAG-AFTRA slams door on hotel room auditions”

SAG-AFTRA’s “Code of Conduct on Sexual Harassment”

11+ Last weekend, SAG-AFTRA released a Code of Conduct on Sexual Harassment as part of a broader program to protect its members and to confront harassment and advance equity in the workplace. Called, “The Four Pillars of Change,” it also sets forth clear expectations that SAG-AFTRA members will refrain from engaging in harassing conduct. Leading … Continue reading “SAG-AFTRA’s “Code of Conduct on Sexual Harassment””

SAG-AFTRA, AMPTP reach tentative agreement

Looks as if actors and actresses belonging to SAG-AFTRA will continue to talk and not walk as, according to Deadline, the union has reached a tentative agreement with AMPTP (Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers).

SAG-AFTRA’s current contract expired June 30 at midnight PT and had been extended each of the past three nights. If a deal hadn’t been reached, union leaders had vowed to ask their members for strike authorization.

“Outrageous rollbacks” reignite SAG-AFTRA strike threat

Just when we thought we all could breathe again after the WGA and the studios and networks came to terms on a new contract, The Wrap, Variety and Hollywood Reporter all report that talks have broken down over a new three-year contract between SAG-AFTRA and the AMTMP. SAG-AFTRA’s current master contract for film and primetime TV expires June 30. The union has about 160,000 members.

SAG-AFTRA’s renovated KMRC now ready for use

SAG-AFTRA members’ home-away-from-home, its place to work, record, rehearse, audition and connect — the 15-year old Kaufherr Members Resource Center (KMRC) — has reopened after a month of updating and renovation.

The renovation covered the installation of a new, 6×8-ft. sound recording booth, from Whisper Room Sound Booths, and the upgraded Fern Persons’ 10×15-ft. video suite, with all-new lighting, camera and backdrops for members to use to market their talents and enhance their skills.

The talent union membership is estimated at more than 5,000.

Ad industry, SAG-AFTRA tentatively agree on contract

The advertising industry and SAG-AFTRA reached a tentative agreement Sunday for a new television and radio contract — likely worth more than $1 billion per year in billings — after seven weeks of negotiation.

Terms of the new agreement struck by the union and the ANA-4As Joint Policy Committee on Broadcast Talent Union Relations (JPC) were not revealed but is contract is one of the union’s largest and is rivaled only by the TV/theatrical contract.

SAG-AFTRA postpones early commercial contract talks

SAG-AFTRA and the advertising industry agreed to postpone their previously-scheduled early negotiations of the union’s commercials contract, the union board announced Saturday.  The current three-year contract expiring March, 31, 2013 covers an estimated $1 billion annual work. 

Both sides said they needed more time to address “data challenges” from the test of the revamped compensation model, also known as the Gross Ratings Point Pilot Project. 

Gov Pritzker and OKRP launch $5 M awareness campaign

1+ Governor JB Pritzker and OKRP launched a new $5 million awareness campaign today to encourage Illinois residents to wear a face covering every time they’re in public — because it only works if you wear it. Following the data-driven approach that has guided Illinois’ coronavirus response, the campaign uses local information to advertise on … Continue reading “Gov Pritzker and OKRP launch $5 M awareness campaign”

Filmmaker Chantel Chavon tackles racism, mental health

4+ Up and coming Chicago-based filmmaker, Chantel Chavon, makes her directorial debut by tackling the connection between racism and mental illness head on in the short film, When the Leaves Fall. Based on an original screenplay by Chavon, the psychological drama tells the story of a mentally-ill homeless woman living inside of a bus shelter, … Continue reading “Filmmaker Chantel Chavon tackles racism, mental health”

Next phase & beyond protocols, guidelines & what’s next

4+ The State of  Illinois and City of Chicago are now operating in Phase 3 of their respective reopening plans and there is a lot of film production news and information to share. In addition to the Chicago and Illinois Film Offices issuing Phase 3 film production guidelines, last Friday, SAG-AFTRA, DGA, IATSE, and the Teamsters released “The Safe Way Forward”, COVID 19 … Continue reading “Next phase & beyond protocols, guidelines & what’s next”

Chicago Film Office lists new production guidelines

5+ With the world slowly reopening, the film, advertising and TV industries are in search of answers, especially with COVID-19 and demonstrations still ongoing.  With economic and political uncertainty pushing insecurities, filmmakers, actors, and other collaborators look to the Illinois Film Office and Chicago Film Office. This week, the Chicago Film Office website posted their … Continue reading “Chicago Film Office lists new production guidelines”

Indie Film Town Hall: Production and New Protocols

3+ The Indie Film Town Hall series brings together Chicago’s independent film and media-making community during these difficult times. In a series of lunchtime meetings over Zoom, members of Chicago’s indie film and media organizations will discuss the challenges that face our industries and actions we are taking in support of each other and Chicago-area … Continue reading “Indie Film Town Hall: Production and New Protocols”

AICP townhall: Crew Safety and Filming (video)

5+ Yesterday, members of the AICP Midwest held their second townhall, discussing the best practices for the safety of crew and everyone on set while filming. With the Chicago Film Office scheduled to begin issuing permits for filming on June 15, this was an important meeting as the Chicago film and TV industry prepares to … Continue reading “AICP townhall: Crew Safety and Filming (video)”

AICP Midwest holding town hall on crew safety & filming

3+ AICP Midwest presents: A Look Forward Crew Safety and Filming Thursday, June 4, 2020 10:30 am CST Via Zoom  A town hall Q & A for crew on navigating the road ahead when production resumes.  AICP Midwest Board Members/Moderators:Qadree Holmes – Founder / Executive Producer Quriosity ProductionsMarsie Wallach – Freelance Line Producer Panel: Tim … Continue reading “AICP Midwest holding town hall on crew safety & filming”

Joint Letter: from the unions and guilds to the workforce

4+ These are unsettling times as COVID-19 has impacted our personal and professional lives. Or unions and guilds have come together to assist the working professionals in this industry. In a display of unity, the following joint letter was sent to entertainment workers from the major entertainment unions and guilds, including the AFM, DGA, IATSE, Teamsters, … Continue reading “Joint Letter: from the unions and guilds to the workforce”