Lazare bids the Reel so long; to report business news

No need to make this more complicated — or prolonged — than it needs to be. This is my last column for the legendary Ruth L Ratny and her  Nearly two years ago, just days after I  left the Chicago Sun-Times where I had been a media and marketing columnist for more than a decade, Ruth Ratny called and asked me to write a column for the Reel.

Addys same old predicable, disappointing story

On a chilly but clear Thursday night in the Windy City, a couple of hundred ad people convened on the top floor of the Museum of Broadcast Communications for the 2103 Chicago Addy Awards. It was a great space for a party. Plus, the show organizers had plenty of drink and food stations set up, and there were ample amounts of both to go around, which seemed to put everyone in a very c

Tonight’s ADDY Awards to reveal best in local adbiz

It’s that time of year.  The time when so many advertising professionals — creatives in particular — start salivating at the thought of all the awards they will collect for a year’s worth of work presumably done well.  Exceptionally well done.

All that’s good in advertising in Lottery/DP campaign

Life is good.   Sometimes anyway.   We’re on record — repeatedly — as having found life to be especially good when viewing the TV commercial work that has been the hallmark of the Illinois Lottery since Michael Jones became superintendent and put D

Corona/C-K “Cast Away” first effort from new ECD

The debate goes on.  At least in our mind. Was it the right thing to do for Corona Extra beer, its Chicago-based importer and distributor Crown Imports and ad agency of record Cramer-Krasselt/Chicago, to go and change the look and feel of the beach-themed advertising that had become — at least in our mind — as close to classic as one could get in the beer advertising u

Glory of TV news game gone, only the numbers remain

So the goodbyes have been said.  The tributes presented.  An era has ended. Late last week, bona fide Chicago broadcasting legends Bill Kurtis and Walter Jacobson signed off for the last time as co-anchors of CBS-owned WBBM-Channel 2’s 6 p.m. weekday newscast — a role both had performed with considerable dig

Wirtz Corp. backs Banner Collective productions

One thing that always warms our heart is seeing superior talent recognized and rewarded. Genuine talent. Not the mediocrity that often gets far more credit than it deserves in this advertising capital called Chicago.  But genuine skill and creativity.

McGarryBowen/Miracle Whip anthem hits the right note

These haven’t been the best months in the history of McGarryBowen.  Though most of the bad news of late has been coming out of the ad agency’s New York office, the Chicago office hasn’t entirely shaken off the setback of losing its entire Anheuser-Busch account just months after the business came into the fold.

City’s silly tourism “ideas” miss the obvious answer

When?  When?  When will the madness end? We’ve watched for years, decades — an eternity it seems — as Chicago has continued to grapple with that most pressing of marketing issues:  How do we make this city a hotspot for tourists? With Rahm Emanuel now at the city’s helm, it appears he has instructed his small circle of business buddies — includin

Delicious art and craft in C-K’s Panera Bread spot

It’s taken what seemed like an eternity  — well, close to it — for Cramer-Krasselt/Chicago to debut its first ad campaign for new client St. Louis-based Panera Bread. This is one of those joyous occasions, however, when it pleases us to say the result was well worth the wait.

Tribune Co. puts Ch. 5’s Wert into top broadcast job

It’s happened.  After more than a week of intense media speculation — both locally and nationally — Larry Wert made it official Wednesday afternoon. Wert is leaving his post as general manager of NBC-owned

WBEZ’ bold ads aimed at gaining younger audience

Please pay attention.  WBEZ-FM (91.5), Chicago’s classy public radio station, is just doing what it needs to do.  And that is draw as much attention as possible to itself. Every brand runs the risk of irrelevance — a fate to be avoided at all cost, of course — if it doesn’t constantly remind the public why attenti  Copyright © 2016.  All rights reserved.