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ReelChicago — Keeping you in touch with Chicago’s visual media industry since 2004

In the beginning, we made the transition from years of publishing a weekly print publication to a viral format. When we started ReelChicago.com in Apri1, 2004, we could not have imagined the changes in every corner of the industry that are still emerging and amazing us.

But some things don’t change, like what we do every day to keep you informed about every aspect of the local visual media business.

The REEL is a Chicago business-to-business site to keep you informed about all aspects of content production, for screens from iPhones to IMAX. We cover commercial production, Hollywood and local indie features and TV, videos for the web, branded entertainment, music, video games, corporate, live events, festivals, vendors and more.

The REEL is targeted to visual media professionals. We have 25,000 readers, through subscribers to our reader database and followers on social media outlets. We have a strong following in LA and in ad/film markets throughout the country – visual pros who want to know what’s happening here.

Content is original (we never reprint press releases), authoritative, written by industry experts, exclusive to our readers and relevant to your business. As such, it sets an ideal editorial environment for your REEL advertising.

Check in often, as there’s something new and interesting almost every day. Hop on our mailing list by going to Subscribe on our menu bar.

The REEL is about YOU. When we started chronicling the Chicago film industry, we forged a community that never existed before. Your participation is what weaves the fabric of this community and makes it strong, unites us and tells all those looking in what a big, diverse and important market Chicago is.

We want to hear from you. It doesn’t matter if you’re a single entrepreneur or head of a big company. People want to know about you, just as you turn to ReelChicago to know about them. Tell us what’s going on with you: projects, promotions, new hires, new space, awards, innovations, ideas, opinions — all welcome.

Share your news. Send us a note, a full-blown news release – or an idea for a story or interview. Include your name and phone number. Email to dan@reelchicago.com. Or just pick up the phone. Don’t be shy.

Our Founder, Ruth L Ratny

ReelChicago's founder, Ruth L Ratny, knew her stuff. She had been an award-winning writer/producer of broadcast and corporate content before founding the Original Screen Magazine that forged a community where none existed nearly forty years ago.

In 2010, she was named the Chicago Legend by the Hugo Awards of the Chicago International Film Festival.

She was also a screenwriter/producer whose completed a biopic of Mahalia Jackson, the world’s greatest gospel singer and Civil Rights champion. It is currently being considered by several Chicago studios.

Ruth passed away quietly in her sleep in February, 2017. We are committed to maintaining the level of excellence that she established.

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Barbara Roche, Owner/Publisher — (312) 274-9980, barb@reelchicago.com

Dan Patton, Editor, Content Director, Social Media Manager — (312) 995-2145, dan@reelchicago.com

Nancy Lasch, Bookkeeper — (312) 274-9980, accounting@reelchicago.com

Advertising sales — (312) 274-9980, barb@reelchicago.com

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PO Box 46376 · Chicago, IL 60646

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